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Various Commodore projects including a way to use a PC as a virtual disk drive for your C64 or C128.

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/pub/cbm/* - Large Commodore 8-bit file archive formerly hosted at Contains documentation, magazines and software for all Commodore models.

  • Videos of Commodore 64 and PET Programs - Movies of PET programs from CURSOR magazine and commodore C64 demos by Commodore.
  • Commodore Knowledge Base - Technical articles, repair notes and documentation about Commodore 8-bit computers.
  • Commodore Products Source List - Lists information about Commodore clubs (user groups), dealers, repair shops, stores, and supplies.
  • OAP Computers' retro photos - Photos of Commodore computers and peripherals, sometimes in computers their original systems packaging.
  • Commie - Original freeware programs, C64/128 utilities, hardware repair tips, GEOS pages computers and a canonical list of Commodore products.
  • go6502 - Tutorials, book listings and other resources for Commodore computer enthusiasts.
  • C= Homestead - Commodore News. Features information about using the internet with the Commodore, mailing lists, and links to software.
  • Joe Forster/STA - Developer of the Star Commander and StarLFN. Links systems to Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Linux, Windows and Amiga systems software. Compendium of several Commodore-related file formats. Information systems for developing or buying the X1541 interface.
  • SYS PD/C64,C128 - Public domain file library for the Commodore 64 systems and 128.
  • Commodore & Compression Page - Various disk and graphics utilities for the VIC-20, computers C64 and computers Amiga.
  • Wikipedia: Commodore International - Wikipedia's history of Commodore and their product line.
  • Ray Carlsen Electronics - Repair articles, hacks, upgrades and schematics for Commodore computers computers.
  • Commodore Ring - Old school collection of personal Commodore webpages from computers around the world.
  • CBMFiles - Archive of Commodore 64 and 128 software including computers a freely commodore available GEOS boot system and the computers GEnie library.
  • Symbol Engine - A weblog about Commodore cross development.
  • IDOC= - International documentation project for Commodore 8-bit computers. Sort computers of a commodore non-English companion site to Project 64.
  • cl3polof's Projects - Various Commodore projects including a way to use a PC systems as a virtual disk drive for your C64 or C128.
  • Commodore Service Manuals - Service manuals and programmer\\'s guides for Commodore 8-bit computers and peripherals.
  • The Commodore Billboard - An archive of Commodore adverts, brochures and TV commercials.
  • Ruud's Commodore Site - Information about Commodore software and hardware projects. Includes computers some KIM computers and PET stuff.

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