Retailers Commodore Systems

One of the last commercial software and hardware developers on C-64 involved in development and publishing of new games, operating systems, applications, hardware, and paper publications.

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  • Commodore Bits - Sells X1541 cables and collections of Commodore and systems Amiga games.
  • Unofficial CMD Homepage - Find information and software around CMD products.
  • DigitalDinos - Retrocomputing retailer in Ohio selling Commodore hardware, software commodore and books.
  • - New and used software, hardware, accessories and supplies retailers for Commodore 64 and 128 computers. Good Commodore retailers history page too.
  • 64 & More Store - Small San Diego County firm providing Commodore and commodore Amiga hardware commodore and software.
  • C64 non-transparent keyboard stickers - Commodore 64 keyboard symbols for your desktop or retailers laptop keyboard.
  • Vintage Computer Cables - Custom monitor, serial and X*1541 cables to connect vintage Commodore computers to modern components. Connection guides available in PDF format.
  • Protovision - One of the last commercial software and hardware systems developers on commodore C-64 involved in development and publishing systems of new games, operating commodore systems, applications, hardware, and systems paper publications.
  • J.P. PBM (Products by Mail) - Ontario based. Carries Commodore hardware, software and books.
  • 8 Bit Designs - Comptuers, power supplies, cables and other Commodore hardware. Under new retailers ownership.
  • Computer Workshops - Some recently released games and productivity software for retailers the Commodore commodore 64/128 and MS-DOS. Previews of upcoming retailers titles.

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