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See Also:
  • 8 Bit Database - Commodore VIC-20 - Circuit board graphics, schematics and manuals.
  • Denial - Commodore VIC-20 message board with forums about programming and collecting games.
  • FPGA Arcade - VIC-20 - The complete original Commodore VIC-20 hardware, including the vic 20 CPU, recreated in a single Field Programmable Gate vic 20 Array (FPGA).
  • Boris's Vic-20 Homepage - Home of the PCVIC emulator, freeware archive and commodore a VIC-20 programming page.
  • VIC-20 Tribute Page - A brief history of the computer, interviews with developers, and technical reference material.
  • The Geek Site - A little bit of everything for the Commodore VIC-20: 1980-1984.

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