Commodore 128

Sites that are devoted to the Commodore 128 personal computer.

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See Also:
  • /pub/cpm/ - CP/M file archive containing software and manuals.
  • Commodore 128 Alive! - Commodore 128 specific discussion board.
  • Commodore 128 Page - Features an BASIC 7.0 encyclopedia, a CP/M commodore 128 user\'s commodore guide and some utilities to download.
  • Centipede 128 BBS - Bulletin board system for the Commodore 128. Software commodore and manuals are available to download.
  • Using the C128 with a VGA Monitor - Instructions, links to the components, and photos of commodore the completed systems setup.
  • QWKRR128 - An 80 column QWK offline mail reader for the Commodore commodore 128 128. Documentation and downloads are available here.
  • keith's Commodore - Information, public domain software and links relating to the Commodore systems C128 computer.

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