Hardware Commodore Systems

Tutorials on how to build an X1541 cable and how use a Zip drive with a C64, CMD info, games, and utilities.

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  • The IDE64 Project - Cartridge interface for connecting IDE hard disk drives, commodore CD-ROMs and systems other ATAPI devices to the Commodore commodore 64 computer.
  • Commodore One - Commodore compatible re-configurable computer designed by Jeri Ellsworth. systems C64 and commodore VIC-20 cores are available to download.
  • Picodore 64 - a Commodore 64 PDA - Constructed with a Commodore 64 DTV, Radio Shack "Hummer Off-Road systems Racing" DTV, PSOne screen, and Jornada foldaway keyboard.
  • retrohackers.com - Hardware and software news for the Commodore retro-hacking commodore community.
  • The MMC2IEC device - Transfer data between a PC and a C64 commodore by simulating commodore a 1541 disk drive using the commodore IEC bus and accessing commodore data from a SD/MMC commodore flash memory card. Includes descriptions of commodore the hardware commodore and software.
  • 64HDD - Home of the CBM hard disk emulator 64HDD and other systems Commodore projects.
  • CyberpunX Retro Replay Cartridge - Retro Replay cartridge manuals, ROMs, and hardware information.
  • Cable XE1541 - Instructions to make a cable that connects a systems 1541 drive to the LPT port of a systems PC. Meant to be a substitute for the systems original X1541, according to the differing parallel port systems specifications of the new motherboards.
  • The Final Replay - ROM image to be used with the Retro commodore Replay cartridge systems and the RR-Net ethernet adapter. An commodore attempt to combine the systems advantages of the two commodore major cartridges for the C64, the systems FC3 and commodore AR6.
  • Heaven's Keeper - Fit a Commodore 64 into a PC tower. hardware Hardware description systems plus pinout.
  • 1541 Serial Interface Project - Connect a PC to a Commodore disk drive commodore using the hardware standard floppy cable, the interface, and commodore a serial cable. The hardware only thing needed on commodore the PC side is a free hardware serial port.
  • Michael Klein's Projects - Features instructions for adding 8K RAM expansion to the 1541 commodore and cbm4linux, a Linux kernel module to use disk drives commodore and printers with the C64 and VIC-20.
  • CD-64 - Tutorials on how to build an X1541 cable hardware and how use a Zip drive with a hardware C64, CMD info, games, and utilities.
  • The Final Ethernet cartridge - Ethernet adaptor for the Commodore 64.
  • C=VGA Adaptor - Abandoned project to build a card that connects commodore a Commodore systems computer to a VGA monitor.
  • Commodore DTV Hacking - Documents hardware modifications for the series of Commodore hardware DTV gaming joysticks.

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