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Project 64* - Large collection of manuals and documents for Commodore games, hardware and utilities.
COCOS: Commodore Computer Sitelist* - Commodore 64 website directory with a large Groups section.

  • Chronology of the Commodore 64 - Detailed timeline of Commodore 64 hardware and software commodore announcements and releases, and development history.
  • Infideals - A store specialising in vintage video games and consoles as well as retro and vintage collectables.
  • C64 Portal - News about the Commodore 64 scene and new software releases.
  • C64web - Website hosted on stock Commodore 64 using FB-NET commodore 64 Ethernet adaptor cartridge and Contiki OS.
  • CSDb User Forums - Discussion boards about C64 coding, demo scene, graphics commodore 64 and music.
  • Yahoo! Groups : c64 - A mailing list for any and all Commodore 64 related commodore 64 discussion.
  • - Commodore 64 FTP file search.
  • Wikipedia: Commodore 64 - Wikipedia\\'s history of the Commodore 64. Includes hardware commodore 64 specifications commodore 64 and game screenshots.
  • Commodore 64 Online User Manual - Nearly complete online version of the user manual systems that came with the Commodore 64.
  • Girls of '64 - A shrine to the sexy side of Commodore commodore 64 8-bit graphics, software and demos.
  • The Commodore 64 Tape Preservation Project - A site dedicated to the preservation of Commodore systems 64 games and other software on tape.

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