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Large collection of information on C64 games, developers and software houses. Also features games released into the public domain and a question and answer forum.

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Gamebase64* - Windows front-end and game database for the C64 emulators CCS64 and VICE. There's a discussion forum and a disk/tape transfer service too.* - Huge Commodore 64 game archive with screenshots and downloads.

  • Arnold - FTP collection of games, magazine disks and utils for the Commodore 64.
  • Stadium 64 - Collections of sports games for the Commodore 64.
  • Lemon - Reviews, screenshots and game box cover photos for over 3800 games.
  • C64 MiniGames - Downloadable MiniGames for the Commodore 64.
  • C64 Internet Games Database - Commodore 64 games database with 30000+ entries.
  • Night Gem - Commodore 64 - Commodore 64 nostalgia page which includes artwork, profiles of Phillipe\\'s twenty favorite C64 games and some SID tunes.
  • - One hundred Commodore 64 games available online in commodore a Java applet.
  • Shoot - Shooting games in every genre along with game commodore 64 manuals and hints.
  • The SEUCK Vault - Preserving games made with Shoot \\'Em Up Construction commodore Kit. Tips on using SEUCK and a developer\\'s commodore diary about a new sidescrolling version.
  • The Almighty C64 - Commodore 64 game downloads, SID music, and utilities commodore 64 including games Forest's own D64 Editor for Windows.
  • Artillery Duel - Written to demonstrate the potential of multiplayer games games over the Internet with the Commodore 64.
  • Commodore 64 BLAST! Collection - Archive of 340 BLAST! game disks with indexes commodore 64 by commodore title and disk number.
  • Sir's C64 Art Gallery - Gallery of Commodore 64 game-graphics created by Stephen commodore \\'Sir\\' Robertson commodore during the years 1985-1988 accompained by commodore author's comments and recollections.
  • Free C64 Games - Archive of Commodore 64 games.
  • The .TZX Vault - Tapes of C64 games dumped in the standard .TAP format.
  • Simpl(e) Games - Video reviews of classic Commodore 64 game titles.
  • Commodore Zone - Visit the Commodore Zone for Commodore 64 emulators, C64 games, commodore exclusive articles, discussion forum, game, demo and sid music databases, commodore speech synthesis, links directory and The End Zone. Just click commodore for Commodore!
  • Games That Weren't - Downloadable previews of unfinished C64 games that were commodore 64 never released.
  • Chris Cemper's C64 Creations - Games commercially released by Magnetix, Chris Cemper.
  • - C64 game downloads and reviews.
  • - Animated tributes to C64 games like Turrican, Creatures, commodore and Impossible Mission. The C64 Animation Awards contains commodore humorous categories like "Best Death" and "Boldest Rip-Off".
  • Area64 - No longer updated but still useful archive of games games (with commodore plenty of screenshots), demos, color palettes games for emulators, and message commodore boards.
  • C64 Game Guide - Large collection of information on C64 games, developers and software houses. Also features games released into the public domain and a question and answer forum.
  • GameBox64 - Collection of scanned packaging, instructions, media and more games for Commodore commodore 64 64 games.
  • C64 Video Longplays - Complete game walk-throughs as AVI video files (stored commodore 64 in commodore 64 RAR format). There\\'s also a tutorial available commodore 64 for creating commodore 64 your own walk-throughs.
  • - A Commodore 64 collection, includes information and images commodore of machines, books, magazines and covers - including commodore downloads and links.
  • Commodore Apocalypse - Colorful site with a C64 game cover and advertisement collection, games game reviews, an Elite FAQ, and Compunet nostalgia. No longer games updated.
  • MobyGames C64 section - A huge C64 game database with reviews, screen commodore shots and box covers.
  • Magnus' C64 Games - A collection of about 200 games with screenshots commodore 64 and descriptions. Games are grouped into genres.
  • Ultimate C64 Tape Page - 1600+ TAP images of Commodore 64 games.
  • - Online playable classic c64 games. Requires Java.
  • Mayhem in Monsterland - Impressive 400+ title cartridge archive with box scans, commodore 64 screenshots, commodore manuals and files to download.

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