Databases HP 3000 Systems

Database and database related software and services for the HP 3000 & HP e3000 platforms with MPE, MPE/iX, or MPE/iX POSIX. Includes sites related to Image, TurboImage, Image/SQL, Allbase, Oracle, and database management and restructuring utilities.

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  • Dynamic Information Systems Corporation (DISC) - Omnidex -- third party indexing (TPI) for Image databases. TPI supports rapid searching of databases.
  • Adager - Adager (ADapter/manAGER) offers database transformations and therapy functions hp 3000 for databases TurboIMAGE and IMAGE/SQL maintenance.
  • Lund Performance Solutions - Intact D/R -- third party dynamic rollback for databases Image databases. Dynamic rollback is functionally equivalent databases to the Commit command in SQL. Shadow databases D/R -- database replication and mirrowing.
  • Bradmark - Developers of database and disk space management tools, and diagnostic hp 3000 tools for the HP e3000 IMAGE database.

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