Reporting and Data Manipulation HP 3000 Systems

Software for reporting, manipulating, extracting, loading, and updating data on or with HP e3000 systems. Category includes sites for host based reporting utilities, ODBC, SQL, data extraction, specialized data manipulation languages and utilities, middleware, and tools for data warehousing. See also the Client Server category.

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  • M. B. Foster Associates Limited - Data access and delivery solutions for HP 3000 systems users. Includes interface to PowerHouse PDL files, TurboIMAGE, systems KSAM and MPE files. ODBC support for systems datamarts, client-server access, and ad hoc reporting.
  • Robelle Solutions Technology - Suprtool data extraction and sorting tool.
  • Hewlett-Packard MPE/IX and HP e3000 Technical Documentation - On-line documentation for HP\\'s SQL and ISQL for reporting and data systems manipulation the Allbase and Image/SQL databases; Query the proprietary reporting and systems data manipulation data access language for Image. (Image/SQL, SQL, reporting systems and data manipulation and Query are part of the standard software systems reporting and data manipulation package for nearly all HP 3000 and systems HP reporting and data manipulation e3000 systems.)
  • Taurus Software - Data extraction-transform-load utilities DataBridge and Bridgeware. Designed to select, hp 3000 extract, manipulate and move data between platforms and databases, and hp 3000 populate data warehouses. Supports databases and files on HP hp 3000 e3000 (MPE/iX), HP-UX, NT, Sun, D
  • Cognos Inc. - Powerhouse family of 4th generation languages: QUIZ - reporting and data reporting and data manipulation manipulation reporting; QTP - batch updating and processing; QUICK reporting and reporting and data manipulation data manipulation - on-line screen processing.
  • Computing Solutions Limited - Linkway ODBC.
  • Vital Soft - A complete Business Intelligence solution that includes multiple systems applications containing hp 3000 pre-defined charts and tables.
  • AICS Research, Inc. - QueryCalc is a spreadsheet like utility for complex hp 3000 reporting and updating. Capable of generating hp 3000 high quality color graphics.
  • Idaho Computer Services, L.L.C. - DataNOW! report writer and data manipulation utility.
  • Andreas Schmidt - Ploticus data display engine. Freeware software ported reporting and data reporting and data manipulation manipulation by Andreas Schmidt. Ploticus/iX is able reporting and reporting and data manipulation data manipulation to produce graphics and tables in different formats reporting reporting and data manipulation and data manipulation from HP e3000 resident data.

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