Internet and Client Server HP 3000 Systems

Tools and utilities for e-commerce, web development, web hosting, GUI, and Client Server development and hosting. For MPE or MPE/iX operating systems on HP 3000 or HP e3000 platforms.

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  • Robust Systems, Inc. - VB-View client-server front end for VPLUS applications. WebAssist/3000.
  • Quintessential School Systems - Application developer offering its client-server toolkit and web internet and client server server solutions. QSDK toolkit, a subroutine library internet and client server for HP3000 programmers who wish to develop network internet and client server applications for their HP3000 without having to learn internet and client server network programming. QWEBS, a
  • 3k Associates - Internet consultants and integrators offering HP 3000 products systems including: NetMail/3000 internet and client server - SMTP/MIME/POP electronic mail; DeskLink/3000 - systems SMTP/MIME gateway for HPDesk/HPOpenDesk; internet and client server GopherServer; and API/3000 - systems CMC-compatible e-mail.
  • E-Mail, Inc. - SMTP-X3000, SMAPIweb.
  • Advanced Network Systems, Inc. - WebiX -- Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) web hp 3000 application systems server with connection, file, and database pooling; hp 3000 pre-written business systems Enterprise Java Beans; and XML/XSLT processing. hp 3000 VPLUS+ -- systems converts existing VPLUS forms into hp 3000 Java Clients which launch systems VPLU

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