Freeware HP 3000 Systems

Free programs include: Bounce - logs off idle users, CheckWWW - scans web server's access log file and web pages, Compile - a utility to automate compiles vaguely similar to "make", a command file that synchronizes hardware and software clocks,

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  • Beechglen Development Inc. - Collection includes: bigfiles -file lister, Clue - console message logfile systems reader, DBLoadsx - database load analysis, Kermit, Preshut - command systems script to run prior to shutting down the operating system, systems Sf2html - spool file to html converter, Sockets - systems c
  • AICS Research, Inc. - QCTerm - PC based, HP700/92 terminal emulator with GUI and graphics capabilities.
  • Allegro Consultants - Free programs include: Bounce - logs off idle hp 3000 users, freeware CheckWWW - scans web server\\'s access log hp 3000 file and freeware web pages, Compile - a utility hp 3000 to automate compiles freeware vaguely similar to "make", a hp 3000 command file that synchronizes freeware hardware and software clocks,
  • Andreas Schmidt - Ploticus/iX data display engine is able to produce graphics and hp 3000 tables in different formats from HP e3000 resident data.

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