POSIX HP 3000 Systems

The POSIX environment as implemented in the MPE/iX operating system. POSIX makes it possible for applications to be ported from UNIX based environments to the HP3000. To ported applications running in the MPE/iX POSIX environment your HP 3000 appears to be a UNIX system. POSIX was added to MPE/iX in release 4.5.

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See Also:
  • IEEE Portable Application Standards Committee - Website for the standards committee responsible for the systems POSIX standard.
  • Mark Bixby - Home Page - Bixby was the first to port a number hp 3000 of posix Unix programs to HP 3000 POSIX including hp 3000 the Apache posix server. Most of the hp 3000 ports listed here posix can also be found on hp 3000 HP's Jazz server.
  • Lars Appel - Home page of HP engineer Lars Appel. Open Source posix software ported to MPE/iX including GNU autoconf, GNU wget, TIFF posix Library and Utils, NetPBM (pbmPLUS), GNU GDBM, LDAP for MPE/iX, posix GNU texinfo, Apache JServ, and Samba.

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