Languages Programming HP 3000 Systems

Sites related to computer languages that run on the HP 3000 or HP e3000 system and under the MPE or MPE/iX operating system.

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  • The I.T.Agency - Distributes software from Corporate Computers Systems for the hp 3000 HP 3000 / MPE. CCS/C-XL \\'C\\' language compiler. hp 3000 TRAX/COBOL and TRAX/C source level debuggers.
  • Mark Bixby - Perl/iX for HP e3000. The "official" home hp 3000 page languages for the HP e3000 MPE/iX port of hp 3000 the Perl languages scripting language.
  • Hewlett-Packard Documentation On-Line - On-line documentation for HP\\'s commercial programming languages including hp 3000 Allbase hp 3000 SQL, BRW, C, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, RPG, hp 3000 Transact, and hp 3000 symbolic debugger.
  • DIS International - Online documentation for GNU Tools for the HP hp 3000 3000 hp 3000 including GNU GCC, Assembler, Make, and CVS.

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