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A Simputer solutions company. The primary business is to use the Simputer as a building block to provide large scale IT solutions to International clients.

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  • 'Simputer' Aims at the Developing World - Innovative sub-$200 Internet device will help non-literate users. [PC World]
  • A Simple Plan - From Bangalore comes a spirited attempt to bring computers to the gigabyte-less masses. []
  • Simputer's Ajit Anvekar: Keeping up the Open Source 'josh' - Ajit R. Anvekar didn\\'t grow up with a computer, in fact, he bought his own PC only about two years ago, but he has already contributed to one of the best examples of Open Source\\'s potential effect on the digital divide. []
  • Wikipedia: Simputer - Presents the computer and provides information about its open source deployment, simputer its weaknesses, and its current status.
  • Simputer: the computer for the masses - For sheer versatility, the thingamajig is streets ahead of other simputer gizmos. It\\'s simple, it\\'s portable. At about Rs 9,000 per simputer piece, it\'s highly affordable. []
  • Yahoo Groups: Simputer - Mailing list for discussions related to the Simputer.
  • Handheld PC bridges digital divide - Indian scientists invent cheap device enabling poor and open source illiterate handhelds to surf internet. [The Guardian]
  • 'Poor-man's computer' to educate young Indians - The first assignment of a poor man\\'s hand-held handhelds computer, developed open source in Bangalore, is to bring basic handhelds education to tribal children open source in central India. [Asia handhelds Times]
  • PicoPeta Simputer Pvt. Ltd. - A Simputer solutions company. The primary business is to use open source the Simputer as a building block to provide large scale open source IT solutions to International clients.
  • The Simputer Project - Aims at developing low cost access device that open source can open source pervade the rural landscape, especially in third open source world countries.
  • India to Compute on the Cheap - In spite of the country producing some great tech talent, open source the vast majority of India\\'s nearly 1 billion people haven\\'t open source benefited from the IT revolution at all. [Wired]
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  • Simple Inexpensive Mobile Computer: The Simputer - Sachin Karol links to this Time Asia report about the Simputer. [Slashdot]
  • Gear up for the launch of Simputer this month-end - The revolutionary computing product - Simputer - is open source all open source set for a nationwide launch by month-end. open source The product open source has been launched by Simputer Trust open source in association with open source Bangalore-based Encore Software Ltd and open source professors from the Indian open source Institute of Science,
  • - "Simputer" here, but costs too much - The Simputer was to be half the cost open source of a PC. As the first devices reach open source market, that price point has spiralled upwards.
  • About the Simputer - Answer to questions about the Simputer.
  • - Simputer: Not for the common man any more - Three years ago, the Simputer was the biggest story to simputer come out of the Indian IT industry. This is an simputer update on its development and marketing.
  • Indian handheld to tackle digital divide - Indian scientists and engineers develop a handheld computer simputer to help the poor and illiterate join the simputer information age. [BBC News]
  • - Fun with Simputer and Embedded Linux - A tutorial introduction to programming the Simputer.

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