Unix and Linu Palm OS Handhelds Systems

Using a Palm or Visor with a Unix or Linux desktop poses special difficulties, since these platforms are not supported by Palm, Handspring, and most third-party hard- and software vendors. This category lists sites which provide information or software for making the Palm work with Unix.

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  • Palm Pilot Computing under Unix - Collection of links to software of interest for handhelds Unix Palm users. Also describes how to set handhelds up a PPP link between Unix host and handhelds Palm via the cradle.
  • Diego's Pilot Page - Step-by-step instructions on getting a PalmPilot to work unix and linux palm os with a Sparc running Solaris, and how to unix and linux palm os use the Sparc for PalmOS software development.
  • uCLinux - The Linux/Microcontroller project is a port of Linux 2.0 to a modified Palm.
  • Using your Palm device with Linux - By Jason Perlow [PalmPower].
  • Network Hotsync Howto - Describes how to do a HotSync operation between handhelds a Palm and a Unix host (running PilotManager) handhelds over a TCP/IP connection.
  • Pilot-Unix Newsgroup Archive - Archive of and information on the pilot-unix mailing handhelds list, for handhelds general discussion of Palm OS devices handhelds and Unix.
  • Sync Your Palm - Introduction to using the Palm with Linux. Covers handhelds J-Pilot and StarOffice [Focus on Linux].
  • Palm V and Linux - Pointers on using a Palm under Linux.
  • Linux Magazine - Reading Palms - Connect A PalmPilot To Your Linux Box, by palm os David palm os Silber. [Free registration required to view this palm os article.]

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