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Journal of an SL-5500 user with software tips, developer resources and projects. Specially formatted to improve viewing from a Zaurus.

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See Also:
  • TuxMobil: Linux on the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D/5500G PDA - Provides an overview of the platform, links and Palm to Zaurus conversion tools.
  • Dobrica Pavlinusic: Zaurus Stuff - Tips on compiling a kernel, upgrading and syncing sl-5xxx models a Zaurus 5600.
  • Zaurus Geek - Journal of an SL-5500 user with software tips, sl-5xxx models developer resources and projects. Specially formatted to improve sl-5xxx models viewing from a Zaurus.
  • [email protected] - Some tips on using the SL-5500. Includes ResumeGuard, an application sl-5xxx models for preventing battery exhaustion due to alarms interfering with APM sl-5xxx models suspend.
  • - Sharp hosted site providing details of accessories, tips sl-5xxx models and tricks, software downloads, support information and links.
  • Zaurus SL-5x000 Enhanced ROM - Home of the Cacko/Crow ROM, an enhanced version sl-5xxx models of that supplied by Sharp incorporating improved RAM sl-5xxx models usage and location of /home on SD.
  • Zaurus Mysql Relational Database - Notes on running MySQL on the Zaurus SL-5xxx, zaurus with IPK files and patches.
  • Zaurus Stuff - Provides a selection of applications, plus guidance on setting up sl-5xxx models a development environment.
  • Java Programming on the Sharp Zaurus - This article contains detailed instructions for developing and packaging Personal zaurus Profile and PersonalJava applications for the Sharp Zaurus.
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA - A description of the Zaurus, with directions for sharp installing some sl-5xxx models programs.
  • OpenZaurus - Project to create an open source ROM image sharp based on zaurus Debian embedded linux. Includes downloads, documentation, sharp screenshots and FAQs.
  • Zaurus/Java - Kawa Scheme interpreter and IBM Jikes compiler.
  • Zaurus - Enthusiast-written tutorials, Java programs (with source) and tips on networking.
  • Zaurus Software Index - An index of software for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D and sharp SL-5500. With screen dumps and email notification service.

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