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General purpose desktop tool. It allows you to customise your desktop by creating any number of menus of useful commands and icons to attach the menus to.

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  • Director - General purpose desktop tool. It allows you to software customise your software desktop by creating any number of software menus of useful commands software and icons to attach software the menus to.
  • EasiFiler - Designed to make launching and using applications much easier.
  • ShortCuts - Keyboard shortcuts utility from R-Comp.
  • ButtonBar - Add button bars to any program which uses desktop aids keyboard desktop aids shortcuts.
  • Switch - This is a program that lists all open windows and allows the user to switch between them.
  • DeskLock - Designed to protect unauthorised access to applications and utilities directories on utilities a computer in a multi-user environment.
  • MenuScroll, DropBox and ToggleBar - MenuScroll allows one to set a scrollbar position desktop aids with a menuclick in the well. DropBox provides desktop aids an area to save files when no filer desktop aids window is available. Togglebar is a utility that desktop aids simply toggles the icon bar to the front desktop aids or back of the window stack when
  • WimpBar 2 - A neat and tidy, powerful desktop application launcher.
  • AppDock II - NeXT style application launcher, from MW Software.
  • Macros - Attaches * commands, or ARM code, to arbitrary key presses.
  • MiniDisc - Desktop management software that will even tidy your icon bar.

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