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Utilities to make the delete and backspace keys behave like a PCs, to display free memory, and to hide the icon bar for those without the nested wimp.

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  • Microsloth: Utilities - Impression, and a HiRES screen grabber.
  • Soft Rock Software - Interesting site with many tools for RISC OS, utilities some commercial, utilities some free.
  • R. Coleman's Software - Various utilities, from Printer status checker, to RISC software OS 4 utilities screensavers.
  • Dave Lambley's RISC OS software - Home of the "IPP" device driver and Magic, an application software launcher.
  • Tigger's Page - Some freeware utilities for you to download, including risc os a viewer for the (originally Japanese) KiSS risc os graphics format.
  • The Flying Pig's Downloads Page - Home of the Mellow demo (a mandlezoomer) and software other software.
  • Free Stuff - Desktop Icons, Hermetic Font, Mouse Off module, Magnifier-Pointer-Info utilities and Mouse-Setter, Playing cards, ArcScan Files, and TumbleWeed. utilities (SlideShow and Tumble)
  • The Flying Pig's Homepage - Some RISC OS software, including Virtudesk, Codeflow, Decide and Mellow
  • Currency - A simple currency converter. It converts between a utilities list of utilities currencies which can be altered by utilities the user.
  • Limavady and the Roe Valley (and Acorns!) - The town and a link to software, including risc os BatchFSI, MoveIt, NumberFix and others.
  • Timezone - RISC OS 4 configuration plug-in. Allows setting of time zone.
  • Fat German Productions - Some great utilities, including Black Hole II, Timeless utilities and HideIbar
  • Armware - FilerPro and EasyView
  • Simon J. Melhuish - Free Software - Misc utilities.
  • Chris Johnson's graphing software - Includes Graphdraw, Multiplot, Chartdraw among the graphing applications, utilities unit conversion utilities, and other scientific software.
  • Czech Territory - Enables use of Czech under RISC OS. It includes a utilities keyboard driver, support for sorting and dates, and translations of utilities some of the desktop for RISC OS 3.7.
  • Richard Coleman - CD_SWI (freeware document of CD_SWI calls), CRC-32, CD_Menu utilities (a freeware software Director plugin), NewSet (freeware Alias changer utilities preventer), PrnCheck (freeware printer software status checker), PreLogo (freeware utilities startup screen modifer), WimpPoll, CassLabel and software CDAuto.
  • Steve Fryatt's Acorn Software - Utilities to make the delete and backspace keys utilities behave like a PCs, to display free memory, utilities and to hide the icon bar for those utilities without the nested wimp.
  • Tabsoft software pages! - IconizBar - a Desktop Iconiser to replace the pinboards iconise function.
  • Guy Griffin's homepages - Download command-line calculator for RiscOS, RiscOS patches and risc os fixes. software Also a projects page.

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