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A short online homage to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, with the author's account of why the machine is so good.

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The World of Spectrum* - A huge archive of software, images and documentation for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

  • Phoenix's Speccy Page - Page devoted to public domain software for the (real) Spectrum.
  • Miodrag Stancevic's Home Page - A virtual version of the Sinclair User cassette tapes; File systems Compressor; SU 121.pdf; Catalog; Emulation Forum.
  • ZX Spectrum Hardware DIY Site - Includes the ZXATASP IDE interface and other hardware projects.
  • The ZX Spectrum Technical Information Repository - Documents referring to the technical aspects of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, specifically the 48k and + models.
  • Sinclair Spectrum - Chris Wild\\'s collection of Spectrum-related items. Highlights include a zx spectrum repository of information on Spectrum data formats and PC conversions zx spectrum of the classic Spectrum games Lords of Midnight and Doomdark\'s zx spectrum Revenge.
  • The Sinclair Spectrum - Home of Philip Kendall\\'s comp.sys.sinclair FAQ, also including a collection systems of Spectrum ROMs and some utilities.
  • ChucklePie Productions - Information about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum\\'s architecture, the Z80, retro zx spectrum gaming, tools and people.
  • Snapsearch - Search engine for Sinclair ZX Spectrum files.
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128 Keypad - Fully documents the keypad produced by Sinclair Research for the zx spectrum ZX Spectrum 128 but never released in the UK. Also zx spectrum describes how to build a compatible keypad.
  • Spectrum Mania - Spectrum nostalgia site offering emulators, selected classic software, zx spectrum background systems information, cheats, maps and links to related zx spectrum sites.
  • Transam - Celebrating 16k Spectrum games with a full list, zx spectrum and systems articles on the 1982-85 period.
  • ZX Spectrum - Planet Sinclair - Information, photos and resources for the ZX Spectrum, including a zx spectrum detailed account of its development extracted from Ian Adamson and zx spectrum Richard Kennedy\'s book "Sinclair and the Sunrise Technology".
  • The Mad Cumbrian's ZX Spectrum Web Site - A nostalgic look back at the Spectrum. zx spectrum Also sinclair has a collection of games to download.
  • Rebelstar Spectrum Emulation and Remakes - Downloadable Spectrum games, emulators, ROMs and news of systems remakes of systems classic titles.
  • The Incomplete Spectrum ROM Assembly - A page devoted to the Z80-based Operating System systems and Basic Interpreter of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum systems computer.
  • [ALT] - [TAB] The Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Provides a brief history of the Spectrum, the author\'s favourite systems games and emulation links.
  • Hack Attack III - Large collection of multiface POKEs for the ZX Spectrum.
  • Yahoo! Groups Sinclair Spectrum Users - Forum for those interested in the Sinclair Spectrum zx spectrum and sinclair its clones, and related topics such as zx spectrum emulation, programming sinclair in BASIC and machine language, and zx spectrum technical details of sinclair these computers and their add-on zx spectrum hardware.
  • ZX Gate - An easy-to-build ZX 81/ZX Spectrum/Jupiter ACE/TRS80 using gate zx spectrum array systems logic.
  • ZX Box - A project which aims to allow the 48K systems ZX Spectrum systems to surf the net. [English and systems Russian]
  • comp.sys.sinclair Sinclair ZX Spectrum FAQ - Covers information on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer zx spectrum and questions that appear frequently on the comp.sys.sinclair zx spectrum Usenet newsgroup.
  • zx.yarek.com - Hardware changes and modifications.
  • Spectrum Zone - Concentrates on Spanish games for the Spectrum with systems covers, screenshots, systems manuals, reviews and walkthroughs. In systems English, Spanish and Italian.
  • Ian's ZX Spectrum page - Home page of Ian Collier\\'s ZX Spectrum emulator systems for X systems Windows, xz80, and some other Spectrum-related systems stuff.
  • The PieCafe Spectrum Collection - An unusual collection of software for ZX Spectrum sinclair emulators.
  • Sinclair Spectrums Cyber Hippies - Yahoo group for Spectrum fans, providing somewhere for zx spectrum users to discuss games and happy Spectrum memories.
  • spect-uk - A short online homage to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, with zx spectrum the author\'s account of why the machine is so good.
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum Flyer - Scanned copy of the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum brochure, circa systems February 1982.
  • eGroups : ZX_SPECTRUM128K - Message forum dedicated to the ZX Spectrum and zx spectrum related matters.
  • ZX Spectrum hardware DIY - Various hardware projects such as IDE hard disk interface, UVY-RGB zx spectrum converter for 48K models and floppy interface.
  • ZX Zone - Concentrates on the Spectrum +3, providing details of systems the machine\'s sinclair hardware, software and ROMs.
  • Bitz - Gallery of music and art inspired by Spectrum games.
  • The .TZX Vault - Site with the aim to provide an archive of Sinclair systems ZX Spectrum games in .TZX tape format for preservation purposes.
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum CS - Information about the Czech and Slovak Sinclair ZX zx spectrum Spectrum scene, with a number of downloadable files. zx spectrum (In English and Czech)
  • One Man and His Spectrum - Sinclair ZX Spectrum games designed and produced by Clive Brooker, author of "One Man And His Droid". Includes a potted history of Clive\\'s career as a Spectrum programmer and downloadable copies of his games.
  • www.speccy.cz - Archive of Spectrum games, maps and music.
  • Hobbit - Nostalgia page dedicated to the Hobbit computer, a sinclair Soviet-era clone sinclair of the ZX Spectrum. Provides sinclair press articles, Hobbit fonts sinclair and links to related sinclair sites.
  • Speccy and Me - A personal site which argues that the Spectrum sinclair 48 was sinclair one of Sir Clive Sinclair\\'s greatest sinclair gifts to man and sinclair that it virtually invented sinclair the home and small business productivity sinclair software market.
  • Alan's Speccy Page - Offers the Speccy Games Quiz, challenging the knowledge zx spectrum of systems Spectrum enthusiasts on a weekly basis.
  • Another Tribute to ZX Spectrum - The Spectrum from a Swedish angle, with Swedish sinclair Spectrum games, sinclair links and nostalgic memories.
  • The Speccy Zone - A miscelleneous collection of information on the ZX zx spectrum Spectrum, sinclair including links, quizzes and downloadable files.
  • Iggy's page - Page for Igor Eged from Slovakia, the owner systems of a zx spectrum Spectrum 128 and Betadisk. Provides systems some background information and zx spectrum links to related sites. systems (In English and Slovak)
  • 'K' Luny's Spectrum Site - Luny\\'s sideways look at the ZX Spectrum and the software which was available.
  • Desert Island Disks - Dedicated to an eponymous (but now defunct) Spectrum zx spectrum fanzine. Includes lists and downloadable copies of zx spectrum program listings featured in Spectrum magazines.
  • Blood's Crap Speccy Page - Site dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Concentrates on sinclair software, with a list of rare games, Multiface POKEs and sinclair various downloads.
  • The Spectrum Hardware Page - Lists all known peripherals for the ZX Spectrum sinclair with details and, in many cases, pictures.
  • Fishyfish Speccy Maps - Maps of a few Spectrum games, including Jet Set Willy II, Pyjamarama and Sabre Wulf.
  • Sinclair and Timex Projects Page - Unique finished and unfinished projects, code fragments and miscellanea.
  • The Egghead and Haunted House Site - Dedicated to the ZX Spectrum games featuring Egghead zx spectrum and systems Izzy, star of Haunted House.
  • Andy's Speccy Page - A personal look at the history of the sinclair Sinclair Spectrum.

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