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This is a category for the AY-3-8910, AY-3-8912, YM2149 family chips. The AY chips were used in several different computers and consoles like Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128/+2/+3, Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128, Mattel Intellivision, BBC Micro, Atari ST, Sega Master System and probably a lot more.

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See Also:
  • SND Player - A specialized musicplayer for the 16/32bit Atari computers. ay SND Player ay can, as the name suggests play ay ".snd" files. These are ay songs using the YM2149 ay synthesizer which is fitted to all ay 16/32 bit ay Ataris and most Atari clones.
  • Project AY - Music and software for the AY soundchip (as audio formats used ay in the ZX Spectrum 128K).
  • YM Plug-in for CL-Amp - YM Plug-in for CL-Amp for BeOS.
  • Lieves!Tuore - Home of MYMPlay. Available for MSX, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad audio formats CPC.
  • STsndplay - A program for playing all those old Atari tunes without ay the need for an actual Atari to play them.
  • YM player and plugin for Linux - Download and installation information for the YM player and plugin for Linux.

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