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Discuss serious, mundane, or silly issues. Flirt and share embarrassing personal secrets. Have fun. Explanation of common terms and abbreviations used on and general hints for posting articles there.

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  • FAQ [long version] - Discuss serious, mundane, or silly issues. Flirt and usenet share embarrassing faqs personal secrets. Have fun. Explanation of usenet common terms and abbreviations faqs used on and usenet general hints for posting articles there.
  • rec.arts.movies.erotica FAQ - Netiquette for the newsgroup, adult film awards, celebrities individual group faqs usenet in adult movies, and many other aspects of individual group faqs usenet the adult film industry.
  • Tolkien Newsgroups FAQ - Intended both as an introduction for newcomers to the newsgroups and as a source of information for anyone exploring Middle-earth, this FAQ is regularly posted in rec.arts.books.tolkien and
  • - The FAQ for the newsgroup about people who usenet relate strongly faqs to animals and/or furries in a usenet way that impacts their faqs personalities and/or way of usenet life.
  • uk.rec.walking - One of the two FAQs regularly posted in faqs this newsgroup. The other is available from Graham faqs Drabble's Web Site.
  • - Information about the newsgroup, and general information about games for the Commodore Amiga family.
  • - Frequently asked question on folk, roots and acoustic music in faqs and from the UK. Maintained by Steve Mansfield.
  • rec.arts.comics.creative - The FAQ of this moderated newsgroup for comics-related individual group faqs faqs original fiction. Includes the charter.
  • Usenet Freemasonry FAQ - Answers to common questions about Freemasonry.
  • - Weightlifting and bodybuilding.
  • alt.magick - Official Frequently Asked Questions from the alt.magick Usenet individual group faqs newsgroup. Containing occult information on magick, spells and individual group faqs other arcanum.
  • alt.satanism - Basic information about Satanism and the Church of usenet Satan, including explanations of sins and symbolism and usenet information about becoming a member.
  • alt.illuminati - FAQ intended to show what documented facts are individual group faqs available and provide an overview of the many individual group faqs theories on the illuminati.
  • The Official a.b.s.m.* FAQ - Provides answers to common questions on effectively utilizing faqs any of faqs the newsgroups in the alt.binaries.sounds.mp3 hierarchy.
  • Magick Tantra FAQ - The frequently asked questions file for the alt.magick.tantra usenet newsgroup. faqs Discussions within this forum include sacred sex, tantra of all faqs types, karezza, and sex magick.
  • Usenet FAQ Guides - Directory of FAQs and information specific to individual usenet newsgroups.
  • alt.www.webmaster - Faqs on html language.
  • - Frequently asked questions from the newsgroup.
  • misc.transport.road - HTML formatted FAQ file.
  • - Charter and FAQ for the Belgian Usenet newsgroup usenet about photography Includes photography links.
  • alt.binaries.sounds.anime - Hosts the unofficial FAQ of alt.binaries.sounds.anime which includes general information usenet on binary newsgroups and related tools as well as specific usenet guidelines for this newsgroups.
  • FAQ [short version] - Explanation of common terms and abbreviations used on usenet (and faqs many other conversational newsgroups) and general usenet hints for posting articles faqs there.
  • comp.infosystems.www.authoring - Answers questions asked frequently by web authors. While its focus individual group faqs is on HTML-related questions, it also answers some questions related individual group faqs to CSS, HTTP, JavaScript and server configuration.
  • Cigar Smoker's FAQ - alt.smokers.cigars related FAQ. The definitive document on the pleasures of smoking by cybersmokers all over the world.
  • alt.binaries.e-book.msreader - Charter, group origins, posting guidelines and other FAQs.
  • alt.ascii-art - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers for the alt.ascii-art faqs Usenet newsgroup. Includes links to libraries, related webrings and IRC faqs channels. By Matthew Thomas.
  • - How functions. How to post a review. faqs From Graham usenet Drabble's Web Site.
  • alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent - FAQ for users of Forte, Inc.\\'s newsreaders, Agent usenet and Free Agent. Covers where to get the usenet software and support, features, and technical assistance.
  • - Articles and FAQ for and other related usenet newsgroups. Also faqs contains tutorials on posting and downloading usenet files and a collection faqs of useful links.
  • - This document attempts to answer frequently asked questions usenet related to individual group faqs this newsgroup and provides information on usenet getting parts, recreating an individual group faqs image and burning a usenet CD, and also on posting files.

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