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Provides the definitive list of all newsgroups in aus.* (Australia) including charters, voting instructions and information on creation of new aus.* newsgroups.

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  • News-admin.org - Links to several top-level hierarchies, any of which computers may register a subdomain of news-admin.org for their computers hierarchy.
  • ca.* - The California Usenet Project is an effort to coordinate the hierarchies ca.* hierarchy (California, United States). Lists of newsgroups, charters, hierarchies and plans.
  • Big-8 Usenet - Management board of the big 8 hierarchies: controls usenet creation, naming, moderation policies and removal processes for usenet newsgroups in those hierarchies. Includes a FAQ and usenet details of recent announcements.
  • gnUSENET - Presentation of the gnu.* hierarchy, which is a collection of computers newsgroups about the Free Software Foundation\\'s GNU Project. Most of computers these newsgroups correspond to GNU mailing lists.
  • Usenet II - The net.* hierarchy is based on the concept hierarchies of "sound usenet sites". The goal is to hierarchies create a new Usenet usenet as free as possible hierarchies from spam and other maladies.
  • borland.* - Presentation of this hierarchy provided as a user supported area hierarchies to exchange information, tips and techniques for the community of hierarchies Borland customers.
  • europa.* - International newsgroups hierarchy for topics covering the continent of Europe.
  • no.* - Presentation of the Norwegian hierarchy: checkgroups, PGP signed computers control key, usenet control message archive and configuration information computers for INN.
  • finet.* - Presentation of the free (as in alt.*) Finnish computers hierarchy. Checkgroup hierarchies list and binary policy.
  • alabama.* - Presentation of the hierarchy dedicated to Alabama.
  • cmeerw.org: openwatcom.* - Presentation of the small hierarchy dedicated to the usenet open source usenet Open Watcom cross compilers. Archived control usenet messages, list of bogus usenet groups and servers carrying usenet the hierarchy, news feeds for other usenet servers.
  • Usenet Hierarchy Administration FAQ - Provides help to Usenet hierarchy administrators who try computers to maintain hierarchies the canonical lists of newsgroups in computers managed hierarchies.
  • it.* - Site in Italian and English. Includes the PGP computers key for hierarchies verifying control messages, servers configuration FAQ computers for the hierarchy and hierarchies the latest checkgroups control computers message.
  • Furrynet (fur.*) Newsgroups - Details about Furrynet, a private news hierarchy for furries.
  • nj.* - New Jersey, United States. Rules, checkgroups, administration, list of groups.
  • BIOSCI - Bionet Newsgroups - Promotes communication between professionals in the biological sciences. hierarchies Includes related usenet resource links. From Stanford University.
  • Trigofacile.com: Hierarchies - Canonical list of managed, unmanaged, local and private hierarchies hierarchies with computers information on how to carry them: hierarchies newsgroups list, PGP key, computers contact, URL.
  • sfnet Newsgroups - Presentation of the administered Finnish hierarchy: spam and usenet binary cancel computers policy, control messages and the associated usenet PGP key as well computers as the checkgroup list.
  • sbay.* - South Bay (San Jose and nearby areas, about usenet 50 miles south of San Francisco), California, United usenet States. Charters, policies, group list.
  • Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies - A complete list of newsgroup hierarchies and their hierarchies descriptions.
  • aus.* Newsgroup Administration - Provides the definitive list of all newsgroups in aus.* (Australia) computers including charters, voting instructions and information on creation of new computers aus.* newsgroups.
  • japan.* - One of the hierarchies for Japan (along with usenet fj.*). Checkgroups, sample control.ctl entry, policies.
  • hamster.* - Presentation of the hierarchy dedicated to hamster, a hierarchies local mail and newsserver with many tools around. hierarchies Group list, charters, posting rules, PGP key and hierarchies checkgroup messages available.
  • ch.* - Provides an overview over Swiss newsgroups and the charter for each group, as well as the history of the hierarchy reorganization.
  • UK Usenet - Homepage of the UK Usenet Committee. Information about computers usenet newsgroups in the United Kingdom.
  • pl.* - Explains how to add Polish pl.* hierarchy to a news usenet server, briefly presents the hierarchy and provides technical information.

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