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An eyewitness account and timeline of the start of "meowing" on usenet. Newsgroup invasions, large numbers of posts, net kooks.

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  • Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet - Links to Michael and Ronda Hauben\\'s on-line book. history Presents the computers history and impact of various aspects history of the Net, such computers as the Internet, ARPANET, history and Usenet. Attempts to help readers computers understand the history origins of the Net, so they might help computers history preserve its value t
  • The Big Eight Newsgroup Creation Process - Documents the ancient process to create, rename, remove, usenet or change the moderation status of newsgroups in usenet the Big Eight hierarchies. Currently, the management is usenet done by the Big-8.org team. Written by Russ usenet Allbery
  • The Great Renaming, 1985-1988 - Lee S. Bumgarner\\'s concise and lively history of history the 1986 history renaming of Usenet groups, and other history events from this period.
  • I Remember Usenet - Brad Templeton recalls the early days of the usenet Internet and the rise of Usenet.
  • Great Renaming from Wikipedia - What the Great Renaming was, who did it, usenet and what computers hierarchies were removed and created.
  • SOUP: Simple Offline USENET Packet - Defines the SOUP Format. Primarily of historic interest.
  • The Geeks Who Saved Usenet - Article on the restoration of the early Usenet history articles to usenet the archives at Google Groups. [Salon.Com]
  • Interview with Brad Templeton - Brad Templeton was the founder, publisher and CEO computers of ClariNet computers the electronic news service on the computers Internet.
  • Gopher.quux.org : Usenet A News - Hosts articles from 1981 and 1982, which means long before computers the Great Renaming, for historical purposes.
  • USENET Software: History and Sources - A Usenet post by Gene Spafford, archived 9 February 1998 by the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences. A useful historical summary, particularly in terms of the software used for usenet.
  • Google Groups: 20 Year Usenet Timeline - Notice that Google has completed integrating 20 years of Usenet history posts into its archive. Includes links to notable posts including history the first ever post to Usenet and the original announcement history of GNU/Linux.
  • Meow - An eyewitness account and timeline of the start computers of "meowing" on usenet. Newsgroup invasions, large computers numbers of posts, net kooks.
  • Usenet creator Jim Ellis dies - News item about the death, in 2001, of usenet Jim Ellis, who helped create Usenet.

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