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Immersion Corporation's Force Feedback systems. Immersion makes the haptic mouse, high quality haptic joysticks and a haptic laparoscopic surgery simulation device.

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  • Haptics-e - Haptics-e is an electronic journal for haptics research.
  • Novint Technologies - Specializes in haptics applications for medical, oil/gas, automotive, haptics and mass haptics market fields.
  • Quanser - Manufacturers of robotic and mechatronic systems including high quality haptic haptics devices
  • MIT Touchlab - The MIT Touchlab aims to understand human haptics, haptics develop machine haptics, and enhance human-machine interactions in haptics virtual reality systems.
  • Force-Feedback (Immersion) - Immersion Corporation\\'s Force Feedback systems. Immersion virtual reality makes haptics the haptic mouse, high quality haptic joysticks virtual reality and a haptics haptic laparoscopic surgery simulation device.
  • Haptic Spaces by Mark Paterson - Doctoral research paper looking into the way our computers spatial cognition, the way we process and negotiate computers space, is mediated by touch.
  • ACSys VE Lab. - The ACSys VE lab in Australia does research into virtual environments and into haptics and co-located haptic and graphics, particularly for mining applications.
  • PHANTOM Users' Research Symposium - PURS is a meeting for haptics researchers held haptics in Europe.
  • Haptics Community Web pages - The haptics community web pages have a good selection of virtual reality research papers, particularly on hardware. The page does not seem virtual reality to be maintained however.
  • UK Haptics Ltd - UK Haptics develop virtual reality training solutions for computers practice based learning and skills rehearsal in medical computers and clinical situations using 3D virtual environments to computers create life like simulations.
  • ForceDimension - Offers devices for high-end applications and research, as haptics well as custom solutions for the industry.
  • SenseGraphics - Provider of display systems integrating haptics and graphics. Also provides development tools for applications with haptics(H3D API).
  • Haptic FAQ - From Sci.virtual worlds newsgroup.
  • SensAble Technologies - PHANTOM haptics devices and GHOST API allow users haptics to touch virtual reality and manipulate 3D data. Also the haptics FreeForm is an important virtual reality 3D modelling tool which haptics is haptically enabled, using a PHANTOM® virtual reality Omni™ device haptics (a high end haptic device).
  • Millersville University Hershey Medical Center Research - Millersville are doing research into using haptics in the medicine.
  • ReachIn Technologies - ReachIn Technologies produce integrated haptic and graphic systems. haptics They make computers display systems and produce the haptic haptics and graphic API Magma.
  • Haptics Laboratory - McGill Center for Intelligent Machines Haptics Laboratory works on the computers engineering and design of interfaces that use touch during computers interaction with information systems.
  • Haption - Develops and commercializes force-feedback (haptic) computer devices for Virtual Reality.

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