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VRex specializes in stereoscopic imaging and display products, including projection panels, projectors, video cameras, as well as various hardware and software utilities.

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See Also:
  • Tek Gear, Inc. - Portable technology for wearable computing needs.
  • i-O Display Systems - Manufacturers personal display devices and stereoscopic 3D products virtual reality for both video and computer uses.
  • Personal Monitor - A unique eyeglass mounted display that creates a high resolution virtual reality color image in the user's eyesight.
  • Virtual Research Systems - Leading provider of high-quality (and price) head-mounted displays virtual reality for virtual reality virtual training and simulation markets.
  • CGSD Corp. - Builds high performance custom simulation and virtual reality systems.
  • X-IST - Realtime Technologies GmbH - Develops realtime motion capture hard- and software for character animation
  • VR Solutions Pty Ltd - Product and services listing for immersive displays used hardware in visualisation, virtual reality simulation and research applications. Overview of hardware Haptic and HMD products.
  • VRex - VRex specializes in stereoscopic imaging and display products, virtual reality including projection panels, projectors, video cameras, as well virtual reality as various hardware and software utilities.
  • DONZ multi-screen - Manufactures integrated multiple monitor desktop computer displays.
  • RoninWorks - Offers the BurstMouse and its plug-ins to enhance work flow virtual reality with direct three dimensional access to your 3d data.
  • XPI Simulation - Provider of high performance visual solutions for training computers and simulation virtual reality applications.
  • VR-SPACE Inc. - Manufacturer of affordable VR 6DOF trackers, includes 3 computers sensors to computers track head as well as both computers hands
  • Visbox - Provides an affordable, high-end, projection-based VR system called the VisBox. Also available for custom hardware and software development.
  • RighTThing - Reseller of 3D stereoscopic and VR hardware and software. Sells motion simulators, headtrackers, 3D movies, 3D HMD, 3D glasses for PC and TV.
  • Pro Systems - Specializes in sales and rental of virtual reality virtual reality and simulation hardware.
  • Virtual Realities - Distributor for low-end VR hardware, including gloves, joysticks, hardware and head-mounted computers displays.
  • 3rdTech, Inc. - Provides the HiBall Wide Area, 6DOF Optical Tracker computers and the DeltaSphere 3D Laser Scene Digitizer capable computers of room size digitizing.
  • InterSense - Provider of hybrid tracking solutions incorporating ultrasound and accelerometers with hardware inherent prediction.
  • EST Engineering Systems Technologies - Distributor of augmented and virtual reality, and visual virtual reality simulation hard- and software in Germany and Europe.
  • Cybermind NL - Developers of state of the art virtual reality computers gear, from computers head mounted displays to motion simulators.
  • Cyberware Home Page - Cyberware manufactures a variety of instruments for 3-dimensional computers scanning.
  • VRLOGIC - Distributing professional VR hardware and software, solutions and services.

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