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This category covers the building of new arcade cabinets from scratch. They can be either multi-JAMMA machines that can handle multiple arcade PCBs or running an emulator such as MAME.

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  • The MAME Cabinet Web Ring - A collection of sites purely concerned with the constructing construction of \\'MAME Boxes\\' (PCs housed in arcade-style constructing cabinets running arcade emulation software such as MAME).
  • [email protected] Building Cabinets Board - Web board for constructing cabinets.
  • Easy MameCab - Includes DOS Sound Blaster drivers and a modeling constructing guide.
  • MarvinCade - Description, pictures and some tips.
  • MyArcade - MAME Cabinet - Making a replica of a Joust cabinet.
  • Bob's Space Invader - Plans, progress, links, and FAQ.
  • NYLatenite's Gamer's Paradise - Building an arcade cabinet from scratch.
  • Doughcade - A home made cabinet based on Lusid\\'s cabinet arcade games design and plans.
  • Neil's MAME Cabinet - Describes how he designed and built a MAME cabinet and arcade games list resources to help others.
  • BossMan 71's Emucade - Some information about his cabinet and related matters.
  • Jimmy Ray's Arcade Project: Time Warp - Description of the author\\'s experience building a full constructing size and arcade games mini arcade cabinet from scratch.
  • Flynn's Place - Pictures, screen shots, downloads, and links.
  • CthulhuLuke's Arcade Parodius - Includes information on a joystick and a mame cabinets cabinet project.
  • Russ Mame Cabinet - A cabinet that features a rotatable monitor, keyboard cabinets drawer, and an "any coin" coin door.
  • ArcadaPC - A home made arcade MAME cabinet using an X-arcade controller. cabinets Available in English and Portuguese.
  • Frank's mame Cabinet - Description and pictures of the author's cabinet.
  • Mini M.A.M.E. - A sit-down cabinet featuring a slide out keyboard tray.
  • ArcadeCab - Information about the construction of MAME cabinets and other arcade-related cabinets topics.
  • Hamish's Arcade Cabinet Project (Big Boom Box) - A MAME cainet project in planning stage. Aims constructing to have a rotatable monitor and switchable control constructing panels.
  • Tron's Game Grid - Describes construction of Tron\\'s Game Grid, an arcade machine for arcade games the home. Also describes MAME emulation program and how to arcade games use it.
  • ClassicCabinets - Home cabinet construction.
  • Williams 2 - A home made Defender style cabinet made from cabinets wood and cabinets screws and featuring a 'rotateable' monitor.
  • Cablouie's Arcade Cabinet Project - A project aiming at producing an arcade cabinet built from cabinets scratch using switchable control panels.
  • Build Your Own Arcade Machine - A site about Kevin\\'s full-size arcade machine which cabinets features a PC mounted inside a custom built cabinets arcade cabinet. His machine plays the Williams arcade cabinets classics Defender, Stargate, Robotron, Joust, Sinistar and Bubbles.
  • Wouter's homebrew Galaga cab - This site contains the dimensions required to build cabinets your own Galaga-type cabinet from scratch.
  • Compact MAME Cabinet - A tabletop cabinet that only houses computer, monitor and marquee.
  • Arcade Paradise - Features two projects, a hand-built MAME arcade cabinet and "You Don't Know Jack" controls.
  • Merl's Mame Arcade Machine - MAME box with TV based on the Ultimate arcade games Arcade constructing machine design.
  • Brent's Consolecade - A home built table top cabinet containing both an Atari 2600 and a ColecoVision.
  • Video Game Cabinet Woodworking Plan - A woodworking plan for sale by Gold Country Woodworks.

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