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This guide will guide you almost step by step for building your own arcade joystick with parts from your local arcade dealer, hardware, and electronic store.

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  • Ultimarc - Home of the I-PAC (Interface for Pc to controls Arcade Controls) and Opti-PAC (Optical interface for Pc controls to Arcade Controls).
  • Custom Game Controls - A webring dedicated to the construction of customized game controls for PCs and consoles.
  • Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ - Build your own genuine arcade controls to play constructing your favorite game on your PC.
  • Play-Choice 2000 - Mainly deals with how to mount a trackball.
  • The Control Panel Overlay Museum - Collection of pictures of control panel overlays for constructing many arcade constructing games.
  • Build Your Own Arcade Controls - Make your own joysticks and other controls for cabinets use with cabinets game consoles and home PCs.
  • OzStick - A joystick developed with arcade game emulation as the main cabinets focus.
  • X-Arcade - Sells a multi-platform arcade style controler with authentic constructing arcade parts. controls News and information.
  • Cyber Sidewinder Arcade Stick - How to convert a MS Sidewinder into an cabinets arcade style joystick.
  • Lanzer's joystick building guide - This guide will guide you almost step by constructing step for cabinets building your own arcade joystick with constructing parts from your local cabinets arcade dealer, hardware, and constructing electronic store.
  • Peter's Build an Arcade Joystick Project - Hacking a SideWinder to create an arcade style controls joystick.
  • The I-PAC Interface Board - A small board which allows connection of arcade controls controls such cabinets as buttons and joysticks to a controls keyboard port or USB cabinets port on a PC controls motherboard.
  • Emulation Pen: Guide to building a control panel - Information on how to build an arcade control panel, primarily for Robotron and Defender, to use with your PC.
  • Build Your Own Arcade Controls message board - A message board about building your own arcade controls.
  • Custom arcade style joystick. - Describes how to build a custom arcade style constructing joystick.
  • Coin Box for X-Arcade - Details of two coin box projects. Designs, images, video, and constructing technical details.
  • - Interaction Design Portfolio - Prototype arcade game version of \\'Paper, Scissors, Rock\\' controls operated through constructing custom built glove controllers. Includes controls pictures and circuit diagram.
  • Brian's Arcade Joystick - Describes three different control panels.
  • Syntharcade - IPAC-powered, HAPP controlled, MDF constructed, dual 8-way, 8 constructing button, 20 x 10" Controllers.
  • Jim's Joystick project - A fairly well described project with two joysticks controls and six buttons each.

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