Dice Games

Yahtzee-like game for two or more players. Offers an option to register as an online player and a list of the best scores to date.

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  • Dice Server - A simple online dice shooter.
  • Play Yahtzee Against Michael. - Try your luck against my almost unbeatable computer games strategy.
  • Pass the Pigs - Analysis of strategies for the Pass the Pigs games game.
  • Classic Dice Games - Introduction, description and history of variations of the game.
  • Yamb 2000 - Yahtzee-like game for two or more players. Offers dice an option dice to register as an online player dice and a list of dice the best scores to dice date.
  • Dice Drinking Games - List of games with excitement ratings and rules, as well games as links to other types of drinking games.
  • Java Dice Simulator - Offers a casino-like dice simulator, which is also available for download.
  • Kevin Cook's Dice Collection - Includes information on manufacturers, types and shapes of dice, links, dice animations, and photos.
  • For Whom The Die Rolls - An online magazine. Includes back issues and game dice information.
  • Dice-Play - Directory and information on dice games and dice in general.
  • Sparks Dice! - Free paper dice in Adobe Acrobat format, including games Fudge dice.
  • EvilDM Dice Server - An easy-to-use, full-featured, multilingual dice server.
  • Blisters Dice Game - Features game information as well as Appalachian Trail games facts and stories.

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