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Fan-produced information and articles on HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest, as well as offering spare parts to all the games and add-on packs.

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Hogshead Publishing* - This is the official web site for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and other games produced by Hogshead Publishing.
Unofficial Warhammer WFRP site* - Provides information to players and game masters alike about the Warhammer Roleplaying world.

  • Warpstone: The Magazine - The Warpstone Magazine web site contains scenarios, backgrounds, warhammer new material, and additional rules for the Warhammer warhammer FRP genre.
  • Critical Hit - A resource site for Warhammer FRP containing rules, fantasy scenarios, background roleplaying information and discussion forums.
  • Warhammer Timeline - A detailed timeline of the Warhammer FRP Universe, roleplaying beginning with the appearance of the Old Slann roleplaying (year -7500) to the election of Karl-Franz (year roleplaying 2500).
  • Alan's WFRP page - Warhammer fantasy roleplaying fan site including religion, spells, and resources.
  • Warhammer FRP and Battle - Le Grimoire (fantazy) online - Includes Warhammer Fantasty Roleplay download library, along with news and warhammer advice for players and game masters.
  • Crowolf's Art and Portraits - Bring characters to life with custom portraits and fantasy miniatures by miniature artist and painter, Crowolf.
  • MadAlfred's WFRP Page - Custom rules and backgrounds for the Warhammer world.
  • HeroQuest Fanpages - Fan-produced information and articles on HeroQuest and Advanced warhammer HeroQuest, as roleplaying well as offering spare parts to warhammer all the games and roleplaying add-on packs.
  • Warhammer Resource - Dedicated to WFRP with new character sheets, random fantasy dice rollers and information and advice for players fantasy and game masters.
  • Celestial Wizard's Library - A series of articles containing details about the Empire race fantasy from Warhammer.

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