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A complete universe for an heroic fantasy roleplaying game campaign. Includes full game system rules, maps, world description, religions, politics, economy, non human races, and adventures.

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See Also:
  • Sharene, Planet of Adventures - A complete universe for an heroic fantasy roleplaying fantasy game campaign. Includes full game system rules, maps, fantasy world description, religions, politics, economy, non human races, fantasy and adventures.
  • The Dying Earth RPG - Based on fantasy writer Jack Vance\\'s Dying Earth Tales. Includes downloadable quick start rules and a free online magazine.
  • GateWar - The Official support site for the GateWar and genres Element Masters systems published by Escape Ventures, Inc.
  • SenZar - Much maligned high powered bloody fantasy role playing fantasy game.
  • Lost Souls - An on-line resource for the scattered members of the Lost roleplaying Souls pack.
  • Rome 3560 - Includes image gallery, message board, sounds, and collages.
  • Legendgames RPG archive - Resources, adventures, and articles for fantasy gamers.
  • The Frilond Campaign - A story-driven game set in a low-magic, feudal fantasy world, mirroring fantasy twelfth century Europe.
  • Judges Guild Codex - Information on all the Judges Guild products published genres in the genres 70's-80's.
  • Copper Tales - Explore the story, the game and the people fantasy of Vedian.
  • Champions Hall E-Zine - Monthly webzine featuring gamemaster advice, site reviews, and fantasy humorous columns.
  • Shalkith: Last Kin - Offers updates, strategies, downloads, free supplements, and community genres news.
  • Saga of Logatroth - Official site for a role-playing board game genres designed to fantasy be played by 6 to 16 genres players and one referee.
  • Kindling Moon - Based in Arabian myth with an emphasis on genres balancing combat, roleplaying problem-solving, and interaction.
  • Lost Isles - Includes forums, library, and news.
  • Ysgarth Info Page - Ysgarth is a progressive roleplaying system set in genres a unique fantasy fantasy world.
  • Hogwarts Academy - Harry Potter message board. Get sorted, go to classes, or become a professor.
  • ElfClash: The Realm of Lanai - Official fan site for this d20 RPG. genres Contains news, updates, information on the game, and genres downloads, and submitted fan fiction.
  • Under the Broken Moon - Role-playing game set in the world of the genres television cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian, using mechanics from genres Atlas Games\' Over the Edge, by Jonathan Tweet.
  • Medieval Yore - Offers rules, maps, a FAQ, and castles.
  • Kendrish Pantheon - Detailed fantasy religion, not dependent on any world genres or RPG (but by makers of Tashno-Vorique and genres TetraQ).
  • Yahoo! Groups: DragonsOfTheEast - Archives and subscription information for a mailing list fantasy about systems fantasy with Oriental settings.
  • Sorcerer: An Intense Roleplaying Game - Official site for an "indie RPG" about sorcerers and their demons.
  • City of Solis Library - Maps, advice, and recommended reading. Special focus on Dungeons and Dragons, MERP, and 7th Sea.
  • Kobolds Ate My Baby! - Publishers\\' site for the "Beer and Pretzels Role-Playing genres Game" set fantasy in a town that\\'s been ravaged genres and pillaged from a fantasy nearby tribe of Kobolds. genres This time, you\'re the devilish little fantasy critters.

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