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Herein you will find both a complete system of fantasy-based role-playing guidelines and a campaign setting, The World of Ærchus.

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Carnelian Coast: The Game* - Roleplaying rules for "pulp fantasy" worlds.

  • Athala Homepage - Athala is a totally free fantasy role playing genres game. It has been created by a veteran genres pernickety game master and it want to be genres realistic, complete and simple.
  • The Lands of Hiveworld - An alien realm where humans are subjects to genres sentient insects, free systems and, once a generation, chosen ones genres seek the land across free systems the ocean and freedom.
  • Myth RPG System - Entire site about an FRPG system based on computer game.
  • Legends of Hyrule - A pen-and-paper game based on Nintendo\\'s "Legend of free systems Zelda" video games.
  • The ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG - An RPG designed to capture the feel of Square\'s series of Final Fantasy video games.
  • Yags - Yags is a Free (as in GPL) roleplaying fantasy game system. genres It is mostly fantasy based, though fantasy the core rules are genres modular and generic.
  • Demonstone II Role-Playing Game - Paper and pen role-playing game modeled after RPG genres video games.
  • The Official Jabberwocky FRPG Website - Herein you will find both a complete system free systems of free systems fantasy-based role-playing guidelines and a campaign free systems setting, The free systems World of Ærchus.
  • Sixteen Coal Black Horses - Publishers of the Battleaxe RPG, a free fantasy role-playing game.
  • AGES Gaming - This system is a free, but not yet fully developed free systems rpg/wargame looking for potential fans and contributors.
  • Soul Engine: A Game of Necromancy and Intrigue - Soul Engine is a dark fantasy roleplaying game fantasy set in a universe where necromancy is the fantasy ultimate military power.
  • Journies - A free role-playing game system, focusing on realism, free systems roleplay, genres and simple rules.
  • The Children of Fire Roleplaying Game - A storyteller-style game of angels and demons.
  • White SeeDs' Final Fantasy VIII RPG - Pen-and-paper roleplaying game based on the video game Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Gaea: Circle In Blue the Roeplaying Game - Fantasy Role-playing Game based in the world of Gaea during genres the strife filled second age of dying magic and waning genres Gods.
  • Fantsized Adventures - Find a free role playing game here. free systems Designed fantasy to be played with miniatures, but not free systems necessary.
  • Quest Home Page - A skill-based roleplaying game, redesigned and play-tested by fantasy different groups free systems in multiple countries since 1984.
  • Fear RPG - Free fantasy roleplaying system - available for download free systems as a pdf file. Flexible, easy and realistic. free systems Born of 10 years of frustration with Rolemaster, free systems Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer.
  • Lycadican FRPG - Lycadican is an open content fantasy role playing fantasy game.
  • The Decision Driven Gaming Center - Diceless roleplaying game resources including expansions to Fate, genres Marvel Universe free systems Roleplaying Game, Ars Magica and its genres own game Destiny - free systems a decision driven role genres game.
  • Free Generic Roleplaying Game - Level-based with player classes, flexible and functional.
  • Vampire Shadows - A free ever-changing RPG project.
  • Realm of the Powers - Rule system using point-based character creation and special genres combat on the spiritual plane.
  • Shakhan - Fantasy Role-Playing on the World of Telostic, in genres which a fantasy once-mighty civilization has degenerated over genres thousands of years fantasy to an early Middle genres Ages level.
  • The Earth of the Fourth Sun Fantasy RPG - A home-made fantasy RPG with a unique Magic free systems system, Open character generation (yet includes Templates), and free systems a combat system more cinematic than realistic.
  • Dragon Fist - Wizards of the Coast\\'s game inspired by wuxia, genres Hong Kong free systems fantasy martial arts cinema.
  • S6S - Simple Roleplaying System - S6S is a simple fantasy roleplaying system that genres uses a risk based system with a d6.
  • Mythical Enchantment - Mythical Enchantment is a game that brings the free systems world genres of fantasy that much closer to reality.
  • ARG: The Adventure Roleplay Gaming System - Roleplaying rules for the fantasy world of Anghar.
  • Legendary Quest - A fully developed Fantasy Role-Playing Game based on genres decades of fantasy research into authentic European and Mediterranean genres folklore and mythology.
  • Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition - The Fantasy Role Playing game. Fast paced, easy genres to learn and play; still rich and realistic. genres 25 free pages of rules, game advice, and genres a sample adventure.

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