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An online RPG based on a post-Apocalyptic medieval society comprised of elves, humans and half-elves. Players can play pre-generated characters or create original characters.

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See Also:
  • Harry Potter: Alere Flammas MUSH - A Harry Potter roleplaying MUSH that picked up the story after Goblet of Fire and continued from there. Features, ghosts, house elves, and adults available.
  • Loki's Hammer MUX - An online RPG based on a post-Apocalyptic medieval society comprised mush of elves, humans and half-elves. Players can play pre-generated characters mush or create original characters.
  • Crossroads MUSH - Site features game information, character directory, role-playing logs, by codebase FAQ mush section and updates page.
  • Anwethia - An original fantasy medieval theme MUSH.
  • Spheres MUX - A unique, strongly themed online text based role by codebase playing game that runs on a TinyMUSH 3 by codebase server.
  • Hogwarts Express MUSH - A Harry Potter themed text-based game set in fantasy the 1970s in the UK. They have friendly, fantasy competent staff, simple charged with approval, applications required fantasy only for features and special abilities, and a fantasy functional quidditch stat system.
  • Outremer Entrance - An original-themed MUX with an emphasis on social RP and by codebase political intrigue, spiced up with a dash of swashbuckling derring-do. by codebase The setting is reminiscent of late 16th century France, with by codebase the addition of magic and other races.
  • Lady's Cage Mush - A gamed set in Sigil, City of Doors, by codebase from mush Dungeons and Dragons's Planescape setting.
  • RIFTs: Kingsdale - An online game based on Palladium\\'s RIFTs, set mush in Kingsdale, mush an area rich in scenery, magic mush and role-playing possibilities.
  • OneRing - MUSH based on J.R.R. Tolkien\\'s "The Hobbit". Picks by codebase up where Bilbo\'s adventure with the dwarves leaves by codebase off.
  • FiranMux - A non-Earth late bronze/early Iron Age world with an ancient fantasy Greco-Roman feel. Offers a game information via wiki-style.
  • Rifts: Chronicles of Kingsdale - A MUSH set in the popular RPG of Rifts. Site fantasy features an introduction to the game, wiki, and forum.
  • Ashirion: the Broken Sphere - A high magick fantasy MUSH that allows both fantasy human and non-human characters.
  • AmberMUSH - The original MUSH based on Roger Zelazny\'s Amber fantasy Chronicles.
  • Blood of Dragons - Based on George R.R. Martin\\'s fantasy epic \\'A fantasy Song of fantasy Ice and Fire\\', Blood of Dragons fantasy MUSH is a role-playing fantasy game set 150 years fantasy prior to the books.
  • Rise From Chaos: a RIFTs MUX - Based on Palladium\\'s RIFTs, set in Tolkeen, a mush post-apocalyptic land fantasy struggling to maintain and defend the mush ragged principles of Freedom, fantasy Knowledge, and Virtue
  • Eternity MUSH - A tribe of elves attempts to survive on mush a new mush world, already occupied by other races, mush after theirs was destroyed.
  • Harry Potter: A Snitch in Time - A consent-based MUSH based on J.K. Rowling\\'s Harry fantasy Potter series mush of books. Both feature and original fantasy characters are accepted.
  • ElendorMush - Set in Tolkien's Middle Earth.

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