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See Also:
  • Theeurth - Long running fictional world originally based on Advanced fantasy hero Dungeons and Dragons but now Fantasy Hero. Site fantasy hero contains information on the magic system and an fantasy hero in-depth world background.
  • Gothick Empires - Campaign set on world of Arth. Maps, history, fantasy hero character fantasy hero write-ups, and equipment prices.
  • Negative Space Hero archive - Text format with 8 spell colleges, several creature fantasy hero writeups fantasy hero suitable for use in a fantasy setting fantasy hero as well fantasy hero as a few other articles of fantasy hero interest to Fantasy fantasy hero Hero Players and GM's.
  • Fantasy HERO Treasure Trove - Expanded spell lists, new magic colleges, magic items, cursed items, supplies and equipment, new creatures, pantheon, traps, hazards, and scenarios.
  • High Fantasy Hero - Modular material for High Fantasy in the Hero System intended universal as a ready-made body of work for game masters. Contains universal package deals, magic systems, spells, and conversion guidelines for Advanced universal Dungeons and Dragons, and Dungeons and Dragons 3e.
  • The War of Treachery - The Story of Kennan and His Band, a fantasy hero PBEM universal set in the Realm. PCs include Merriya fantasy hero de Blackmere.
  • Weighing in on Weapons (and other Foci) - Article on encumbrance and weapons with commentary on power modifiers fantasy hero for armor and thrown weapons.
  • Bob's Original Fantasy Hero Spell Colleges - A description of five original spell colleges.
  • Jasona's Martial Mystic Mecha Fantasy Hero Campaign Notes - Darwath-like campaign. Setting notes, package deals, martial arts, fantasy hero 5 fantasy hero magic schools, 5 PC writeups, 8 creatures, fantasy hero 4 robot fantasy hero mecha (!).
  • Hero System Source Material - Material on arms and armor, magical weapons, and Medieval Martial arts.
  • Fantasy Hero Resources - Site contains helpful information for anyone creating a fantasy hero hero system Fantasy Hero Campaign. There is a fantasy hero great write-up hero system on Fantasy Hero magic. Armory, fantasy hero equipment and weapons hero system lists, as well as an fantasy hero excellent treasure list.
  • Rules & Rule Constructs - Several alternate magic systems as well as rules fantasy hero for jousting.
  • The Western Shores Campaign - A Fantasy Hero campaign world based on the setting provided hero system in the main rulebook. Unofficial expansion.
  • Mark Hughes: Role-Playing Games - Hero system house rules and an alternate Fantasy Hero magic universal system [Warning: ignore the Warning virus detected in the background]
  • Heaven's Fire - A fantasy campaign background for Yet Another Abortive fantasy hero Campaign, influenced by Glen Cook\\'s Black Company series: fantasy hero a small mercenary company on the move.

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