Amber Fantasy Genres Roleplaying

A fan site with standard information about the system, as well as information about the multiple campaigns in which said fan is involved. And a fair number of links.

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See Also:
  • Phage Press - Publisher of Amber Diceless Role-Playing, as well as genres Amberzine.
  • Astrid's Web Page - Contains links to the Dorian Diaries and Black Unicorn (a amber long running FTF game), plus other resources.
  • Ambercons Information - A list of conventions.
  • Amber: the Eternal City - Amber, the Eternal City from the books by amber Roger Zelazny amber is celebrated and illustrated at this amber site. Includes links to amber the best of the amber Golden Circle. PBeM links, Trumps, new amber Powers for amber the Amber DRPG.
  • Outrageous Fortune - Website devoted to an FtF Amber game that\\'s been running fantasy since 1993. The game tends to be a bit fantasy of a soap opera, with a mix of angst and fantasy intrigue. Contains links to alternate powers, character descriptions, Trumps, fantasy game logs, diaries, character conversa
  • Courts of Chaos: Amber DRPG - Web ring containing informational sites.
  • The Golden Circle - Home page for the Amber web-ring. Over 150 fantasy sites are amber in the ring now.
  • Games People Play - A collection of role-playing characters, systems, links genres and quotes, with a heavy Amber bent.
  • AmberCon NW - Fully scheduled role-playing game convention devoted to Roger amber Zelazny\\'s Worlds fantasy of Amber using Phage Press\\'s Amber amber Diceless RPG by Erick fantasy Wujcik.
  • Jopie's Amber Page - Offers Trumps and diaries, from the Black Unicorn fantasy Amber campaign. amber And general game information.
  • - Amber - Offers game journal, information, and links.
  • Secrets and Lies: An Amber DRPG Campaign - Offers information on Amber setting and mechanics and some campaign genres stories.
  • Intruder's Amber Role-Playing - Featuring two campaigns with histories and character lists amber with Trump fantasy images.
  • Strange Bedfellows - Devoted to an email-based campaign of Amber Diceless genres Role Playing. Includes background information, including contributions, NPCs, genres and new powers.
  • Enemy Within - Offers character and power information, a FAQ, and amber history.
  • Darniil Entroth's Amber Page - A fan site with standard information about the genres system, as genres well as information about the multiple genres campaigns in which said genres fan is involved. genres And a fair number of links.
  • Amber Online - A guide to online Amber resources, providing some information about the basics of the game and diceless roleplaying in general.
  • Amber Diceless Roleplay - A discussion group for diceless.

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