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Home to eRules, a computer program that enables wargamers to recreate realistic world war two battles fast using model soldiers, AFVs and aircraft.

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  • Hawgleg Publishing - Official support for GUTSHOT, a game for up to 10 miniatures players, of one-on-one combat set in the American Wild West, miniatures with 25mm miniatures.
  • The J-8 Shop - Wargame rules, variants, and background material.
  • Hoplon Wargaming - A pre-firearm era wargames rule system, complete with army lists, utilizing elements of WRG\\'s DBM, rules, but with emphasis on historical re-enactment rather than competition.
  • The War Times Journal: Games - Miniature wargame rules for World War Two, World War One games and the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Japan's International Gamers Guild (JIGG) - A collection of Yahoo! Groups and member information.
  • Fox Two - Rules covering modern air to air combat.
  • Makourian's Wargaming - Personal site of a UK gamer, principally dedicated historical to Ancient games DBM and World War II Rapid historical Fire!
  • Ancient Empires (2nd Edition) - Forum for the discussion of these rules, which cover warfare in antiquity, 3000 B.C. to 476 A.D.
  • Historische Zinnfiguren / Historical Miniatures - Small collection of pictures and articles by a miniatures German wargames games enthusiast. Text in German and English.
  • Wargame Miniature Flags - Downloadable flags for wargame miniatures. Many periods, suitable historical for all games scales.
  • TooFatLardies - Wargame Rules Designers based in the UK with an ever games increasing range of products.
  • The Loft - Information on 20mm WWII and modern gaming. Pictures historical of figures games from: Liberation Miniatures, Skytrex, Combat Miniatures, historical FAA, and Britannia.
  • Free Wargames Rules - Provides links to rules sorted by category.
  • The Dalton Historical Wargaming Society - Dalton-in-Furness wargaming society with focus on Modern Armoured, games Modern Aircraft games and Napoleonics.
  • Tanzanica - Skirmish game system set in 19th Century Africa.
  • Ancient Battles - Information on Alexander the Great in Warhammer Ancient Battles, Greek games armies, Indian armies, Macedonians, war machines and war elephants.
  • WargameSystems - Home to eRules, a computer program that enables games wargamers to games recreate realistic world war two battles games fast using model soldiers, games AFVs and aircraft.
  • The Colonial Angle - Dedicated to colonial gaming with Victorian and Zulu miniatures soldiers with historical an emphasis on the Sudan and miniatures Zulu wars.
  • Wargame Developments Network - Dedicated to the development of all types of wargames. Print miniatures newsletter - THE NUGGET - as well as an online miniatures discussion group. Responsible for \'COW\' - Conference of Wargamers in miniatures the UK
  • Italian Wargame Federation - Promotes historical wargames in Italy and organizes the italiam DBM and DBR championship.
  • The Nafziger Collection - Designed for the wargamer, this collection is an miniatures collection historical of military history and orders miniatures of battle.
  • The Long Road North - Official support site for this set of American games Civil War Wargame Rules.
  • Dutkins' Collectables - 60mm hand painted plastic figures.
  • Historical Miniatures Wargaming Resource Site - Contains articles covering various rules and historical periods.
  • Age of Musket - A series of Wargame rules that cover the miniatures era of the Musket from 1690 to 1866

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