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See Also:
  • A l'Ombre des Aigles - Well-presented set of miniatures rules available for free.
  • General de Brigade - Online support for players of these division-level rules, provided by their author.
  • Carnage and Glory - Computer moderated miniatures wargame rules.
  • Wargaming with Napoleonic Miniatures - Devoted to Napoleonic Wargaming with 20mmm figures using napoleonic wars "Napoleon\\'s napoleonic wars Battles" in solo mode. Terrain, rules and napoleonic wars Scenarios are napoleonic wars provided. Text in Spanish and English
  • Fast Play Napoleonics - A DBA-esque via Fire and Fury set of historical rules for napoleonic wars Napoleonic wargames.
  • Unofficial Napoleon's Battles Webpage - Scenarios, contacts and other resources for players of Avalon Hill\'s miniatures miniatures system.
  • Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore - A group of Napoleonic wargamers from Singapore. Site contains free rules and scenarios for download.
  • Napoleonic Rules - A listing of Napoleonic rulesets with reviews and napoleonic wars links napoleonic wars to online resources.
  • Republique - Grand tactical miniature wargame rules that you can download for free from The War Times Journal.
  • Napoleonic 15mm Miniatures - Reviews and side-by-side comparisons of various manufacturer\'s miniatures with photos.
  • Eagles Over the Empire - Rules for 6mm and 15mm miniatures available for historical free online.

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