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Retro-futuristic MUD featuring zombies, vodun necromancers, 1940s technology, and alternate worlds. Not for the faint of heart or the overly serious.

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  • Badlands MUD - Includes a map, staff, policy, and history regarding the game\'s creation.
  • Eclipse of Fate MUD - Includes clans, maps, player photographs, and staff.
  • The Builder's Academy - A building and scripting education MUD. The site circlemud contains immortal circlemud profiles and an application.
  • AddictMUD - Theme influenced by Stephen Brust\\'s Dragaera novels. Site by codebase features sections on players, clans, races, quests and by codebase changes.
  • Revenge of the Jedi - Taking its shape from both the movies and dikumud books, ROTJ by codebase offers a wide array of races, dikumud weapons, ships and planets.
  • Dark Pawns - Includes FAQs, background, staff, and maps.
  • Elysium MUD - Fantasy-themed MUD. Features policy, mission statement, immortals, and maps.
  • Exile - Sections on clans, guilds, features, players and immortals.
  • Aliens vs. Predator - Includes a forum, player pictures, a list of clans, and by codebase downloads.
  • SidaliciaMUD - Includes background, newbie help, immortals, maps, and player profiles.
  • The Realm of Magic - Features background information, chronicles, players, and stories.
  • Zombie MUD - Includes a newbie guide, immortals, maps, background, and dikumud character creation by codebase form.
  • Chronicles: Sunrise Over Sallares - Contains background, stories, Java telnet client, immortals, FAQs, and clans.
  • Nexus Mud - Includes a forum, maps, help files, and player and character dikumud look-up.
  • Anywhere but Home - Features code and area downloads, classes, guilds, gods, circlemud player pictures dikumud and quotes.
  • Awake 2062 - A futuristic/science fiction MUD. Contains downloads, FAQs, by codebase forum, circlemud a story archive, and player surveys.
  • Necromium - Includes background, maps, immortals, player photographs, guides, forum, circlemud help files, circlemud and quest information.
  • Aurealan Realms - Features clan information, downloads, policies, and character guides.
  • Blood Dusk - CircleMUD with a Gothic theme. Includes discussion forums, dikumud online help files, screen shots, and maps of dikumud the game world.
  • Multi Mud - Contains history, top ten lists, maps, clans, meeting archives, policy, by codebase and guides and information on modifications.
  • Land of Kyrentium - Fantasy role-playing MUD. Site provides generic game information.
  • Storm Dragons - Contains history, policy, links, and roster.
  • Tempora Heroica - Sections on demographics, players, building, areas, screen shots and game dikumud FAQs.
  • Mythical Legends - Contains clans, races, classes, and areas.
  • Distant Lands - Contains game history, role playing details, forums, player circlemud art, and manuals.
  • Cities of Glory MUD - Offers maps, statistics, clans, news, quest descriptions, and circlemud administrative contacts.
  • Age of War - Information about races, classes, areas, history, immortals, a by codebase building by codebase guide a new player help.
  • TempusMUD - A mix of SciFi and Fantasy with a dikumud social environment. Encourages both newbies and experienced dikumud MUDers to play.
  • StrangeMud - Features a newsletter, downloads, player biographies, game information and contact by codebase information.
  • FieryMud - Presenting a challenge to advanced mudders, this MUD circlemud is based by codebase on Dungeons and Dragons type theme.
  • Decay - Retro-futuristic MUD featuring zombies, vodun necromancers, 1940s technology, circlemud and alternate by codebase worlds. Not for the faint of circlemud heart or the overly by codebase serious.
  • Shadow Siege - Includes background, forum, staff, maps, and policy.
  • Dragon Ball: Evolution - Includes history, immortals, players, message board, and planets.
  • Dark Forces - Based on the universe of Star Wars. Site has help section, software downloads for Mac and Windows and direct link to login.
  • 4Dimensions - Set in the future after weapons used in dikumud World War by codebase III have cause rifts in the dikumud Time Warp making time by codebase travel possible.
  • On the Razor's Edge - Contains lists of immortals, clans, and commands. Also features building documents.
  • Dark Isles - Original themed MUD focussed on story telling and creative writing. Site features forums, blogs, news, a detailed help section and information about religions and skills within the game world.
  • The Realm of Chaos - Includes guides, background, maps, help system, immortals, mail archive, and lists of submitted typo, idea, and bug reports.
  • The Ceramic Mouse - Includes archive of code snippets, patches, and other resources for coders.

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