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Website for Armageddon, a diku MUD. Includes a selection of information for beginners to this game, including all aspects of character customisation, 'how to roleplay' guides, and discussion boards.

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Editor's Picks:

Diku MUD* - Official website, featuring a hierarchy, and copyright issues with Everquest.

  • Ashavar's Legacy - A raceless and classless mud original areas, built-in dikumud puzzles, randomized by codebase quest areas, player made equipment, and dikumud interactive mobiles.
  • Sloth - Features sections on staff, equipment, spells, potions, skills, maps and auctions.
  • Shadow Glen - Set set in the 11th century with a by codebase pagan by codebase Celtic theme. The site offers news, detailed by codebase information about by codebase the game and a discussion forum.
  • Harshlands - Detailed information about the game, alchemy, administrators, crafts, muds mangai, organisations, muds places, policies, races and religion. Also muds provides contact and connection muds details.
  • JediMUD - News, background and the ability to telnet to dikumud the MUD. dikumud Links to Star Wars archives and dikumud general tips and information dikumud on participating in MUDs.
  • Alter Aeon - A multiclass MUD set in a world of muds swords and dikumud sorcery. Includes new player guides, downloads, muds help, and current game dikumud information.
  • Empire - Roleplay with anonymity in a fantasy mud with an original 10k+ room world. This mud is for experienced players.
  • Sharune - Sections on rules, policy, game information, getting started, muds news, FAQ. muds Also features a bulletin board, guide muds book and the Bards\' muds Tales Inn.
  • The Last Outpost - Contains links to clients for playing mud, game dikumud credits, a muds what\\'s new section, player score information, dikumud and a short paper muds on mud area topology.
  • The Northern Crossroads - Features unique races, classes, spells/skills, zones/areas, and optional muds PlayerKilling.
  • Kallisti MUD - Features include in-depth guides about classes, races, spells, skills, and equipment, overviews of many game features, builder information, MSP sound information, and message forums.
  • Gizmo - Fantasy theme. Site offers detailed information about the muds game and dikumud a discussion forum.
  • Nilgiri the forgotten world - Contains Information on players and staff. Includes artwork and by codebase new player tutorial.
  • The Last Sunrise - Information about history, rules, character creation, player photograph gallery, races muds and guidelines.
  • Armageddon - Website for Armageddon, a diku MUD. Includes a by codebase selection by codebase of information for beginners to this game, by codebase including all by codebase aspects of character customisation, \\'how to by codebase roleplay\' guides, and by codebase discussion boards.
  • Shadows of Isildur - Roleplay-intensive game set in Tolkein\\'s Third Age. by codebase Character creation requires application. Game world evolves by codebase as it progresses through a historical timeline.
  • Southlands - Elven themed. Features artwork, history, information, guilds, and by codebase player muds resources.
  • Ishar MUD - Multiplayer text game set in a world of fantasy and muds magic.
  • Worlds of Carnage - Provides a world of Tolkien-esque creatures and adventure. dikumud Players can by codebase advance via a skill-based system or dikumud by a class-based system by codebase and can choose from dikumud multiple races.
  • Zee Mud - Swords and sorcery theme Dikumud based upon Mudde by codebase Pathetique.
  • Arctic Mud - Loosely based on TSR's Dragonlance novels.
  • LegendMUD - Features a variety of historical contexts, including ancient Ireland, Homer, dikumud Queen Elizabeth, Dante\\'s Inferno, goldrush Melbourne, and Kipling\\'s India. Supports dikumud a variety of styles of play.
  • AlexMUD - Based on a combination of fantasy and Science by codebase Fiction. by codebase Find sections on classes, areas, FAQs, and by codebase player guides.

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