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  • FoxMUD - Features basic game information and a news section.
  • Dutch Mountains - Detailed sections on history, resources, player picture gallery, merc special events and development.
  • Whitesands MUD - Features a builders guide, zones, areas, and rules of conduct.
  • The Final Challenge - Homepage for the Final Challenge mud. It contains dikumud maps, player dikumud and immortal information, hints and tips.
  • Project Twilight - Features a case file, rules, message board, news and connection merc details. Based on White Wolf\'s roleplaying games.
  • Dragon Swords Mud - Fantasy MUD that has been running since 1995. Site offers merc news, detailed game information, and a forum.
  • Underworld Dreams - Information about game statistics, players and various logs.
  • Mystic Adventure - Feature maps, forums and information on classes and merc clans. The dikumud site also includes resources and player merc biographies.
  • Turf - Features game information, newbie help, and a dikumud humor section. merc Has a multi-themed world.
  • NetherWorld - Features general game information and a java client dikumud to connect. Caters to roleplayers.
  • Medievia - One of the largest, most advanced games on the Internet.
  • Barren Realms - Features a new player guide, magazine, areas, newsletter, player photographs, dikumud downloads and a building guide.

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