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Sections on announcements, history, story, library, picture gallery, religion, immortals, maps and a guest book. Also features help files and resources.

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Editor's Picks:

Rivers of MUD* - The original ROM MUD. Has the source code available for download.

  • Carrion Fields - News, message boards, help files and contact details.
  • Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands - Features a news section, game information, and a dikumud discussion forum.
  • Divine Blood - Features game information and help files.
  • Mirkwood - A ROM-based MUD famous for friendliness and wacky fun. Role playing is allowed, but not required. Player killing is strictly verboten.
  • Dark Mists - Features newbie, class, race, and quest information.
  • Legend of the Noble - Information on changes, game world, and related links. rom Fantasy based rom MUD.
  • Dioxide's Carrion Fields Webpage - Unofficial site with a huge repository of Carrion rom Fields information dikumud and history. Home of the rom active Forums, archives, compilations dikumud of data, and utilities.
  • Forsaken Lands and Zmud - Features information for Forsaken Lands and Zmud hint rom and tips.
  • The Mage's Lair Online Gaming Service - TML is a game like no other. It\\'s merc a rom24 rom game, with a powerful web interface. merc This site also sponsors rom a host of snippets merc and code for Rom based muds.
  • Daedal Macabre - Sections on creatures, classes, races, areas, perks, a rom photograph gallery FAQ and resources.
  • Adventures Unlimited - Features a help and information section about the merc game, change rom logs, and a discussion forum.
  • Avendar - Contains information to create a character, a discussion dikumud board, and telnet links. The game features a dikumud unique fantasy world.
  • Vilaross - Age of Redemption - Information about classes, races, religion, immortals and areas.
  • Darkening Sun - Information on classes, races, places, gods, immortals, tales merc and legends. dikumud Features chat rooms, downloadable files, news merc and changes section.
  • Dimensions - Contains general game information. The mud has a medieval fantasy dikumud theme.
  • Shattered Kingdoms MUD - Fantasy MUD with player-run kingdoms, a level based rom system, extended race and class selections.
  • Arcadia MUD - The official website for Arcadia MUD: information on dikumud remorts, clans, races, classes, and quests. Also, dikumud player photo site, character profiles, change log, and dikumud information for builders.
  • The Adventurers' Inn - Massive Multiplayer Online roleplaying, fantasy game. This dikumud site features dikumud information to assist in playing the dikumud game, including maps, pictures, dikumud history.
  • Stick In The Mud - Features an introduction to the game, code of conduct, players, merc hints, tips and help sections.
  • Magus Mud - Lists news, races and classes on Magus Mud
  • SummersFlame MUD - The SummersFlame Mud homepage contains information about the classes on rom the game and a forum for players.
  • Ark of the Covenant - Home of AotC, a Christian-themed MUD based on merc a heavily merc modified ROM 2.4 setup. Contains the merc mud story, player list, merc clan information and a merc message board.
  • Abysmal Realms - Contains general game information. The mud has a dikumud fantasy adventure rom theme.
  • Shadowen - Daedal Macabre - Information on immortals, races, classes, clans, areas, rules. dikumud Includes a rom photograph gallery and resources.
  • Lensmoor Mud - Game information, storyline, connection details and links.
  • Ansalon MUD - Dragonlance MUD established in 1996. Site features detailed dikumud information about merc the game and building areas.
  • Natural Selection - Information on races, clans, classes, rules, directions, areas, help files. Features sections on players, player killing resources.
  • Altered Reality - Information about rules, policy, clans and player pictures.
  • Drifter's Greyhawk Mud - (Drifter\\'s) Greyhawk Mud still exists and continues the struggle of rom developing into a complete Greyhawk world. Contains rules, players and rom a list of clients.
  • Haven of the Embraced - Haven of the Embraced runs a heavily modified ROM codebase, rom and is loosely based on Vampire: the Masquerade.
  • The Lost Realms - Game news, help files, forums, maps and information merc about the classes and races of the Lost merc Realms.
  • Fatal Dimensions - A European-based MUD offering a nice mix of stock and rom original areas, cool coding, and lots of nifty features. It rom has been online since August of 1996.
  • Screaming Skulls - Information on areas, building and downloads.
  • Abandoned Realms - Sections on advice, role playing, rules and terminology. rom Also provides dikumud information about races, clans, cabals, areas, rom religion and immortals.
  • Dizzymud - Provides various roleplaying formats and is based on merc a combination of fantasy and science fiction themes.
  • Advent of the Mists - Features information for players and builders as well rom as a forum. The MUD has a medieval rom fantasy theme.
  • Land of the Lost Unicorn - Sections on announcements, history, story, library, picture gallery, dikumud religion, immortals, maps and a guest book. Also dikumud features help files and resources.
  • MadROM - On the lunatic fringe of the MUDding world. dikumud Known for dikumud its irreverent and crazy areas, its dikumud demented and wacky coding, dikumud and its fun-loving players, dikumud MadROM is one of the longest-running dikumud MUDs on dikumud the internet. It\\'s a free MUD open to dikumud dikumud all.
  • Tales of the Silver Lantern - A friendly MUD with improvements to the code rom and new, original areas added every week. rom Friendly imms and an intimate player base make rom Tales an interesting place to MUD.
  • Stick in the Mud - Illusion - Provides sections on players, a list of players, a player guide, rules and conduct, and the history behind the game.
  • Ancient Realms of Zaere - Information about races, clans, areas and rules.
  • Clandestine MUD - Features general game information, speedwalks, and a discussion rom board.

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