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  • DragonStone - A medieval themed mud offering 16 races, 14 merc classes, and dikumud multiclassing. Currently has an excess of merc 9000 rooms.
  • Adventures in Stormgate - Contains maps, information on classes and races, and faqs about the mud.
  • Areth - Features general game information, newbie help, a background merc story, and dikumud technical info.
  • Adventures for Ancient Wisdom - Features general game information, newbie help, and a merc player gallery.
  • Dreams - Detailed information about characters, players and areas. Provides dikumud a building merc guide, player biographies and resources.
  • GreedMud - Offers a MUD base for download, based on dikumud the Envy envymud source code.
  • Abandoned Reality - Features information about the background story and playing envymud hints.
  • Continents Mud - Features general game information, help files, online maps, envymud and building dikumud docs.

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