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Godwars is a level-less player killing/NPC killing mud. God Wars is a derivative of Merc 2.1, which is a derivative of Copper (a later version of DikuMUD). DikuMUD was inspired by AberMUD, which was inspired by MIST, which was based upon MUD. MUD gets the last part of it's name from "Dungeon" - a derivative of Zork - which in turn was inspired by ADVENT.

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  • Shadows of Darkness - Provides information about clans, questing, walking directions and merc contact information.
  • Mudders Delight - Bleach themed Dystopia Mud. Site features client downloads, godwars news, game dikumud information, and a discussion forum.
  • Another Land Dystopia Mud - Information on Land Dystopia mud. Includes rules, immlists, godwars and mud resources.

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