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Editor's Picks:

Smaug* - Information on the creators, features. Also includes How-to guides, bug fixes, mailing list and a webring.

  • Abandoned Codex - Information on clans, players, staff, events, weddings and stories. Also dikumud provides a notice board.
  • Unicorn Valley - A fantasy based mud with friendly imms and wonderful smaug players. Very player friendly, and still growing.
  • Bleached InuYasha Galaxy - The Bleached InuYasha Galaxy homepage. Contains links to the story, merc who's on and immortal applications.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho: Legends - Based on the Yu Yu Hakusho anime and smaug manga. Site dikumud offers a forum and game information.
  • The Smaug MUDs Community Center - Provides forums, chat, and downloads. Code includes Smaug, smaug SWR, SWFOTE, dikumud and AFKMud.
  • Lands of Aethar - Information on deities, armies, races, classes, areas and smaug history. Also provides sections on building, code, help smaug and hosting.
  • Edge of Creation - Information on immortals, players and who\\'s online. Also provides a dikumud detailed resources section.
  • Genocide Clan - Information about a clan playing Monolith Smaug mud. dikumud Includes sections dikumud on the origins of the clan dikumud and current members.
  • Covenant - Provides an almanac, handbook and information about the main city merc Tieceron. Also includes a news section.
  • Dragonspun Fairytales - Features detailed maps and an art gallery.
  • Alsherok - Features game information, newbie help, and a discussion dikumud forum.
  • Perished Lands - Contains game and building information, online maps, and a discussion smaug forum.
  • Dark Legacy - Features a manual, maps, news, noteboards, newspaper, guilds, snippets, and resources.
  • Realms of the Ancients - Information on Realms of the Ancients mud. Contains dikumud links to classes, guilds, and gameplay.
  • The Oriental Dojo - Factional PvP MUD based on Chinese martial arts.
  • Legends Of Excalibur - Features player pictures, updates, clans and orders, races, smaug knights and dikumud resources.
  • The Abattoir - Features detailed information related to the mud along with a smaug newbie guide for any SMAUG mud.
  • Desolation of the Dragon - A hybrid of SMAUG and Dale, source code merc available.
  • Tower of Sorcery - Contains FAQ, items list, and links to the game.
  • Escape from Destiny - Game overview, connection details, rules, frequently asked questions, game guide, links and contact details. Based on Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Six Dragons - Medieval-themed MUD organized around a fight between good dikumud and evil.

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