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Sites for clans within the world of Materia Magica.

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Editor's Picks:

Knights of Chaos* - Provides forums, maps, player guides, and quest information.

  • Dragon - Contains history, clan member details and joining information.
  • Circle of Power - Circle of Power clan site, containing information about materia magica the materia magica clan, game and the members.
  • Far Dareis Mai - An all female warrior clan within Alyria. Contains clan history, clans and guilds member roster and information.
  • Section Five - Dedicated to information about the clan Section Five independent development and clans and guilds other information pertaining to Materia Magica.
  • Vampire's Mask - Includes character tips, maps, race tips, quest information and some materia magica stories.
  • Legacy - Dedicated to information about the clan Legacy. Features materia magica history clans and guilds of the clan, and current scorekeeping.
  • Oracle - The website of clan Oracle. Contains game guides, clans and guilds materia magica clan information, clan history and clan rules.
  • Spiritwalk - Contains maps, clan lore, member details, art and independent development quizzes.
  • Ascendancy - Contains clan history, short stories, information and clan clans and guilds materia magica member details.

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