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Player site for Elan Einlhander. Has a log of his adventures in the realm and information about the player behind.

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  • Auras - Character site for Auras, featuring information on the fan pages player independent development and character.
  • Vencabot - Vencabot\\'s rap site containing songs, some logs and materia magica comments materia magica about other characters.
  • Athena - Character profile and information about the character Athena.
  • Witness - Player site about the character Witness. Features character independent development profile, independent development story and artwork.
  • Elan Einlhander - Player site for Elan Einlhander. Has a log independent development of independent development his adventures in the realm and information independent development about the independent development player behind.
  • Sephorus - Player site for Sephorus. Friends, enemies and immortals listed.
  • Genevieve - Player site dedicated to the character Genevieve. Contains pictures of her friends, details of her character and musings about the game.
  • Lictor - Personal page for the character Lictor. Contains statistics, some logs, materia magica history and other details.
  • Miramos - Information site about the character Miramos and his independent development player fan pages killing exploits.
  • Stigmata - Player site about Stigmata. Contains details of her journeys and statistics.
  • Ciali - Player site for the character Ciali. Holds information for novice players gathering information, maps, and city guides.
  • Olf - Site dedicated to the character Olf. Features history, materia magica travels materia magica and profile.
  • Halelorf - Character site for Halelorf detailing friends, history and independent development quotes independent development from the world of Alyria.
  • Nuant - Information site about the character Nuant.
  • Skitari - Player site for the character Skitari. Contains information about Tari, fan pages leveling guide and astral guide.
  • Greybus - Personal site for the character Greybus. Features humorous quotes, character fan pages history and some game information.

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