AOL Chat Fantasy Roleplaying

Orb that is based on America Online Roleplaying. It is a "Guild" which is run by humans behind computers.

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See Also:
  • Aquila - A website based on, and companion to, the fantasy AOL message board of the same name.
  • Aurora - Dungeons and Dragons world that uses the 3rd fantasy Edition rules and is played in AOL chat fantasy rooms.
  • Legions of Vyst Central Web Orb - Orb that is based on America Online Roleplaying. aol It is a "Guild" which is run aol by humans behind computers.
  • Realm of the Hidden Blade - An AOL chat room RPG, set in a realm far chat from Rhydin and their ways. Not discriminating against race, but chat rather distributing their dice by class and amount of activity.
  • Chronicles of Duogena - AOL-based roleplaying guild that is also known as the Dark aol Ages Guild.
  • Sephalen Town - Customize your own character and join different towns. fantasy You will be able to choose different jobs fantasy and join platoons.

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