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This is a subcategory for elven characters found within Rhydin.

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  • Mage Duncan - Captain in the Order of The Crimson Star.
  • Tora Khan - King of Korin - Son of a great Elven warrior who fought in the First Dragon War.
  • Daalarus - Claims and appears to be Elven, but, carries characters some attributes elves of the noble Flame Elemental.
  • Elwen Thalia Rose ShadowFire Hauss - Character whose fondest wish is to bring laughter and light to life.
  • Markus Alzesh Kole - Bartender of the Red Dragon Inn, the Elven Tavern, as well as Medieval Tavern.
  • Katlina Darkshire - Character that is part vampire, dragon, daemon, arch angel, dark rhydin elven, and anthro.

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