Kindred Characters Rhydin AOL

She was a beautiful baby from the start, although smaller then normal. Her big blue eyes would look at you with a love incomprehensible to most people.

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  • Maeve LeBeau - Character who is a member of the Keepers rhydin of the rhydin Masquerade
  • Sarah Lite - Noferatu Primogen of the Camarilla.
  • Moranna Dracul - Rhydin character that is the widowed wife of kindred Sir Vlad rhydin Dracul, father of Dracula.
  • Molotov - A gangrel found within Rhydin.
  • Caine Agordan - Rhydin character whose lost love has forced him kindred to wander the lands of Rhydin.
  • Bridget Katrina Nightborn Noctourne Lockley - Rhydin character who lives by the words: dominate, presence, fortitude, obfuscate, and potence.
  • Peaceful DiAmoureuse - French woman who was attacked by a vampire kindred only to rhydin be saved to become one herself.
  • Brenna De' Monure - A character of Scottish origin whose encounter with rhydin the Vikings traumatized her into becoming a vampire.
  • Lady Cynthia Renee Stone Gryphon Knyghtmere - Vampire who is a member of the family and clan rhydin Knyghtmere.
  • A Tainted Past - My story begins on a dark night, an kindred evil night...August rhydin 27.... the night of my birth.
  • Clastan - A vampire within Rhydin.
  • Silverthorne Family - She was a beautiful baby from the start, rhydin although smaller characters then normal. Her big blue eyes rhydin would look at you characters with a love incomprehensible rhydin to most people.
  • Kravitz - Rhydin character who is a 3rd generation Lasombra clan member.
  • Azrael D'Vega - Character page for a vampire played on AOL kindred and compuserve. kindred Pictures and description.
  • Rain Eris - A singer embraced by the clan Gangrel.

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