Fan-based Play-By-E-Mail Fantasy Roleplaying

For Fantasy roleplaying games which incorporate elements from other sources (e.g. a Final Fantasy based roleplaying game would fit in here).

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  • Shadedd Destiny RPG - A role-playing game with Sailor Moon as a basis. Characters and roles are changed. [Archive, may be inactive]
  • World of the Justice Knights (HALO) - Blends medieval fantasy with modern technology on the embattled worlds of Realm and Halo. [Yahoo group]
  • Unquiet Slumbers - Set in a 1920s Lovecraftian setting, based on the En Garde rules.
  • Hero Central PBEM - Hosting service designed to cater to the Hero fantasy Games online community.
  • The Lost Son - Lord of the Rings based play-by-mail game.

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