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Includes a summary for a fantasy game in which a variety of characters find themselves on a mysterious ship. Requires strong grammar and creative writing skills to join.

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See Also:
  • The Harland Convention - Mid-fantasy world where player controlled humans are a minor race fantasy among the powerful Shui and reserved Kah. Uses the GURPS fantasy system.
  • AfterLife - Original fantasy setting. Features game rules, FAQ, and subscription play-by-e-mail details.
  • War of Wizards - Strategy games set in multiple fantasy worlds. Features game fantasy world information, races, game lists, sign-up details, and contact information.
  • Veiled Secrets - Modern supernatural/horror setting including vampires, witches, shapeshifters and fantasy humans. [yahoo group]
  • Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Index - Includes transcripts of forums, newsletters, and lists of fantasy spells, creatures, roleplaying and weapons.
  • RavenBlack Games - Provides access to Warlocks, a game of duelling roleplaying wizards based play-by-e-mail on Waving Hands and Firetop Mountain. roleplaying Web based player combat play-by-e-mail and statistics.
  • Dark World - A freeform fantasy PbEM set in a world fantasy which is expanded by player input. Contains rules, fantasy a library of information and yahoo groups.
  • Fantasy Rules Committee - Member list, history of past rounds, and an fantasy introduction to how to play this themed rule-making fantasy game.
  • The Valley of Immortals - Describes the Akvan family and the world where they reside. play-by-e-mail Includes pictures, membership information, member profiles, and rules.
  • Bdellium - Includes a summary for a fantasy game in fantasy which a roleplaying variety of characters find themselves on fantasy a mysterious ship. Requires roleplaying strong grammar and creative fantasy writing skills to join.
  • DarkStar Academy - Players are students learning the trade of magic fantasy and meld fantasy with dragons in this world loosely fantasy based on Pern.
  • Androhil - Set on a diverse fantasy world including many kinds of fantasy scenery. Includes character guides, tutorial, and a startup guide.

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